11 came back from the Champions League and this time Simeone is the favourite

A very important opportunity for the Azzurri in the very hot Ibrox to confirm themselves with full points at the top of the group and give a first push to the group


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After the goal against Liverpool, Napoli must confirm itself away from Furigrutta. A very important opportunity for the Azzurri in the very hot Abrox to confirm themselves with full points at the top of the group and give a first push to the group: but the task is not simpler because despite the arrival of the Fourth Division of the Rangers, and the recent difficulties with the difficult knockouts suffered by Celtic and Ajax, Van Bronckhorst’s team returned from The Europa League final (lost only on penalties with Eintracht, having eliminated, among others, Borussia and Leipzig) and qualified for the play-offs by eliminating top-ranked PSV Eindhoven. Especially at home, the Scots know how to glorify themselves with great dynamism that they can certainly deliver at the highest level after resting in the final round of the championship.

Absolute Sui Rangers
Van Bronckhorst should return the proposal for the eleven from the past few weeks, considering the remainder of last weekend, with the exception of the goalkeeper with McGregor reclaiming his place after McLaughlin’s injury. Davis should win the poll over Wright on average with Kamara and Lundstram and this ballot also makes the difference between 433 and 4,231 more attacks. For the rest, Tavernier, Sands, Goldson and Barisic are no doubt ahead of McLaughlin. In a large-scale attack Kent and Tillman with Colack as the preferred attacker over Morelos.

The latest in Naples
Spalletti must re-release most of the players who were initially left at rest and then re-release the team that entered the field with Liverpool, with the exception of clearly injured Osimhen who must be replaced by Simeone, this time favorite over Rasbadori. In defense, Kim returns, in agreement with Rahmani and Di Lorenzo, but also Oliveira who behaved well with Salah. In the center of Lobotka and Zielinski regain their places with Anguissa and in the attack, as mentioned, Simeone is surrounded by Kvaratskhelia and Politano (Lozano has not been called).

Notice (4-3-3): MacGregor; Tavernier, Sands; Goldson, Parisik; Lundstram, Davis, Camara; Tillman, Kent; Coke. All. Van Bronckhurst
suffrage: Davis Wright 60%-40%, Colac Morelos 60%-40%

Naples (4-3-3): Merritt; DiLorenzo, Rahmani; Kim, Oliveira; Anguise, Lobotka, Zelensky; Politano, Simeone, Kvaratskellia. Spalletti flocks
suffrage: Olivera-Rui 55%-45%, Simeone 60%-Raspadori 40%

Rule: Antonio Mateo Lahoz (Spain). Donkey: Cibrian Davis Del Palomar. Fourth: Jose Luis Munoeira. Video Assistant Technology Fritz Dankert.

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