A1 Women – LBF 2022 Oscar, All Winners

Marking Opening Day 2022, the Women’s Basketball League will dedicate the Oscars for the 2021/2022 season: Awards will take place during the gala evening, which will take place on Friday, September 30 at the CUS Arena in Cagliari, starting at 9 p.m.

The 2022 SERIES A1 FOREIGN MVP award went to Jessica Lynn Shepard. The United States national team, now under the leadership of Omana Rier Venezia, played a sumptuous 2021/2022 season in the Banco de Sardinah Dinamo Sassari jersey. On her first try in Italy, Shepherd made a decisive contribution to Sassari’s salvation by winning the scorers and league standings with a total of 29.2 points and 17.5 rebounds on average: she went in doubles in 24 out of 25 matches played, achieving her seasonal maximum of 44. Points against Moncalieri, in the base match 1 of the playoffs.

The MVP ITALIANA SERIE A1 2022 award has been awarded to Laura Spreafico. Last season, Spreafico was one of the main protagonists of the 2021/2022 season: he finished the season with an average of 17.5 points, fifth in the scorers’ list and first among Italians. Her leadership in a very small group was a key factor in Limonta Costa Masnaga’s run to the playoffs, and during the season she was the only Player of the Month (the only player to do so) twice during the season.

The 2022 SERIES A1 BEST COACH award went to Georgios Decayolakos. In the first season at the helm of Famila and Whopper Scheuwe, the Greek coach won three titles on the national stage, and almost participated in the fourth women’s soccer Champions League final in Europe. In Italy, Schio won the Italian Super Cup, the Italian Cup, and the Scudetto, with an impressive record of 35 out of 37 games: a year that Decioulakos concluded with a tricolor victory, the fourth foreign coach to do so after. Vasojevic, Mendez and Vincent.

The “FRANCESCO ALVISI” Award – Best A1 Manager 2022 has been awarded to Antonella Palmieri, President of La Molisana Magnola Campobasso. During the 2021/2022 season, the Campobassan team made another quantum leap, reaching for the first time the A1 Cup Final for the eighth time and the qualifying category. Campobasso also made his European debut, participating in the women’s EuroCup preliminaries, and hosting the FIFA U-17 World Cup, underlining the management’s desire to act as an active participant in the development and dissemination of the women’s movement at the adult and youth level.

The MVP YOUNG SERIES A1 2022 award went to Blanca Francheska Quinonez Mina. The Ecuadorean winger at La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso, after his first appearance in the 2020/2021 season, showed a great progress in the 2021/2022 season, which ended with 7.1 points in 19 minutes, on average, by 49% with two points, doubling. Numbers in 10 games. Excellent data for her also due to her young age, only 16 years old last August.

The MVP SERIE A2 2022 awards were awarded to Paola Caccialanza for Girone Nord and Emilia Buff for Girone Sud.
The award to Paola Cacilanza, Ranger and Captain of Parking Graf Crema, is certainly a testament to her role in a winning group, on the track always hand in hand with the community, attachment to the jersey, humility and strength in knowing how to be. Precious to a team even in a lower role in terms of playing time.
Likewise, the Emilia Bove Award, Bruschi’s winger San Giovanni Valdarno, recognizes the player’s immense value as a captain and an experienced player, which is crucial to winning the Tuscan team championship. An important presence that is able to respond at the most sensitive moments of the season, such as the final match ending with 14.5 points per game.

The A2 SERIES 2022 Coach of the Year award has been awarded to Michele Stacini. The coach of La Bottega del Tartufo Umbertide left his mark on the successes of the Umbrian team, which first qualified for the A2 Coppa Italia final, then finished third at the end of the regular season and finally reached the finals with brilliance. upgrade. The results obtained with a young group and the highlight of a game are always very attractive, with a very high pace and intensity.

The “NATALINO CARZANIGA” Award – Best A2 Manager 2022 has been awarded to Renzo Soave, President of Ecodent Alpo. Over the years, Alpo has established himself as a solid and stable real in Serie A2, always involved in the high-profile leagues. The company has certainly become a point of reference in Veneto and in particular in the region of Verona, lands with a great basketball tradition: in this sense the role of the President and her staff, characterized by true passion for basketball and enduring enthusiasm, has always proven to be essential.

Angela Gianola was awarded a special 2022 Antonio Concato Award. After retiring from basketball at the end of a contented career, since 2019 Gianola has started an important career as a coach, first at Ragusa and now at Virtus Segafredo Bologna. With Virtus, as technical director, he played a very important role in the technical growth of the team, was called up as head coach in last season’s final, and achieved a historic achievement: the first Virtus Scudetto final. Gianola was also the second woman in women’s basketball history to coach in a Scudetto final after Beverly Smith (1999 and 2000).