A2 Super Cup | Kanto. Sachetti and Bucarelli in the first leg in Turin

Race inside or out forS.Bernardo Water Cantù Basketballcommitted tomorrow evening (September 17) at 20.30 on the Parque PalaAsti against Real Mutua Turin. The final day of the qualifying round of the A2 LNP Old Wild West Super Cup Blue, which in the meantime will see the Milan match between Urania and Novipiù JB Monferrato. At the moment, the group standings see Turin at the top with four points, Casal and Kanto on two, while Urania close at zero. To go to the quarter-finals on September 20, Canto must close in first place, then meet the first of the yellow group (Stella Azzurra Roma, Trapani or Agrigento), otherwise qualify as the second best, and reach fourth place with the winner of the Orange group (Udine or Cividale) , paired with four dots and tomorrow you participate in head-to-head).

The first qualifies by the following criteria: points in the standings, the basket tally with the evenly ranked teams in the group, the group’s overall basket tally, and a tie. The best runner-up is determined by the basket quotient with the first seeded teams in their group, the group’s overall basket quotient or the tie. The quarter-finals are played in one direct elimination match, at the home of the best placed player. For the location of the fourth match between yellow and blue, points are not taken into account, due to the varying competitions that are played (yellow consists of only three teams). Therefore, the place will be chosen on the basis of the overall basket quotient of their group.

“Regarding Hunt, we will assess his conditions in these hours, since the day after the Casal match we have limited ourselves to shooting – explains coach Mio Saketti -. Rojic’s performance in Piedmont was a little better than in previous trips, but he can and must give more. The race with Novipiù, in the second quarter it looked like we had to climb and it really happened with Urania. It’s normal to be a little crowded now in the pre-season, but the prep loads shouldn’t be an excuse. We’re not very good yet, but it’s better that We face it now, not later. But the positive feedback came from Balde Rossi, who was no surprise, and from Nikolic who is making progress.”

The biancoblù coach’s analysis of the following opponents: «The life of Turin in the first two matches of the Super Cup was not easy, neither against Milan nor against Casal. But they won, and that’s what matters – he stresses. This means that they are a team that knows how to ache and that the day is ahead, and we have to instead commit to doing more. It is necessary to join a team together as soon as possible, as everyone sacrifices themselves for the sake of the group. Every little thing is always decisive in the game until it steals.”

“In Turin we expect to play a difficult game against a high-ranking team – confirms Lorenzo Bucarelli -. We came from Casal’s slip, pushing in a second quarter, in which we struggled a bit with their energy. Then we had a good reaction in the third and fourth, but it was not enough. To win. The second part of Casale should help us understand which aspects we still need to improve