A2 Super Cup | Stella Azzurra defeated Trapani

Serie A2 Male’s first official exit from Stella Azzurra Roma, in the yellow group of the LNP Super Cup. The stage is the Arena Altero Felici in which the hosts see the heroes of a beautiful match they won 62-55.

The first basket of the match and the new season comes after a minute and a half of play thanks to Wilson, who opened the game 7-0 with 5 consecutive points against Romeo after two and a half minutes. The score was still low and Capitoline’s advantage in full possession during the central part of the first quarter, with an excellent defense on Sicilian overtures and a penetration by Visintin who, three minutes from the end, sets +9 for Stella Azzurra Roma (15-6). The Romanian team continues to react in defense and places points on the scoreboard, keeping Trapani at 12 points and closing the first break at +10, with 7 different players signed.

The second quarter as the teams’ contract starts, before Trapani’s counter-breaker went back to -6; However, the trio of Rullo and empty of Pugliatti arrive to make the most of the nerostellati (28-16) in the middle of the quarter. Still with Roberto Rolo (12 first-half points) in Stella Azzurra’s breakthrough Roma touched +14 at 32-18 three minutes into the break, with Visintin +16 and Giachetti putting in a hat-trick +17 (39 -22) bringing both teams back to the dressing room.

When returning to the field, the competitive spirit remains high, but the distance between the two teams does not differ, before the guest mini-half that leads coach Beshi to call the time-out, at 41-28 six and a half minutes from the end of the third break. The Sicilians returned under the double number of deprivation, with a triple Mason-7 (41-34) in the middle of the quarter; Rullo again opens up the nerostellato attack, ahead of Jenkins’ -6 triple at Trapani three minutes from the end of the fourth half. As the personal duel between Rullo and Massone continues, the two teams start the final break at 48-41 for the hosts.

The Sicilians were back at -4 at the start of the last quarter, ahead of Chiumenti’s ice-breaking hook for Nerostellati’s attack, which was also reactivated by Wilson’s pad before Carter’s three-point game (with no free converting), with the scoreboard playing 52-48 in favor of Stella Azzurra Roma. Six and a half minutes after the end of the match. The two teams stay with the same gap for up to three and a half minutes left, before Nazis pick up an offensive rebound and put in a +6 half hook, followed by Wilson’s backing for +8 and jumping +10, setting the score at 60-50 two minutes after hostilities ended. Romeo’s treble halted the Trapani stalemate but hopes of a comeback were too late: the Romans came home with a score of 62-55.

Stella Azzurra Roma – 2B Control Trapani 62-55

Stella Azzurra Roma: Wilson 10, Vicente 6, Chiumenti 9, Giacchetti 5, Rollo 21, Bogliatti 1, Nikolic 2, Innocenti, Nazion 6, Ferrara 2, Salvione, Pierre. All. Beachy, donkey, all

2B Control Trapani: Carter 8, Basciano, Minore, Dieng, Romeo 15, Guaiana, Jenkins 5, Tsetserukou 2, Mollura 11, Massone 14. All. relatively aide. everybody. Latin