After regrouping Orlandina in the final, Ragusa continues his Super Cup campaign

The Serie B derby, valid for the Super Cup, won by the Ragusa guests for 73 for 71

Cabo d’Orlando – Virtus Ragusa lost Orlandina in the last minute of the match, who won the InfoDrive Arena 71-73 after a tough game. The coach’s team also touches Susi +10 during the match, but he pays a heavy price for defensive inattention, also thanks to fatigue and lack of clarity, especially in the last game possessions.

This concludes the Cabo d’Orlando Super Cup, the National Basketball League, in the second division, in the second round. Not even a week ago Success against the newly promoted Palermo Green Basket. 17 points from Vecerina and 16 from Baldassarre and after he finished the first half and the third quarter, is not enough for the Baladin.

Orlandina – Virtus Ragusa 71-73

A complicated start for Orlandina, who thanks to Sorrentino’s excellent start was 3-13 after 3 minutes. But the Susi coach’s team responded with the knockout blow, with the experience of the trio, Bassera-Baldassar-Sandre, point by point. Finally, Vecerina thought to find the -2 target on the siren, to close the first quarter at 21-23.
A different look for Cabo d’Orlando in the second set, with coach Susi’s side trying to escape thanks to Clanskis and Viserina. Ragusa isn’t giving up, but it’s struggling, so the long-term Paladins close with a 39-33 lead.

Capo d’Orlando hit +10 at the start of the third set (43-33 at 23 minutes), but Ragusa is back in the game, impacting a high of 47 at 29 minutes. The hosts seemed to be in trouble, but Vecerina closed in fourth with 5 points and a whistle beater blasted the arena.
In the last quarter, Capo d’Orlando seems to be able to put the arrow, with a bomb from Triassi and a second from Vecerina that makes the boys from Sussi touch +10. However, Ragusa is hard to die, so he relies on Sorrentino, Ianelli and Gaetano, and is back to par at 63. Viserina and Baldassar, punctuated by Gaetano, brought Orlanda to 71-68 1′ from the end, but Sorrentino places omnipresent in the seventh triple From his evening, taking the score -48″. The locals spoil the offensive possession, and Ignelli’s magic raises the guests to +2. However, in the last possession, Capo d’Orlando fails to make it, so Virtus passes.

Match Report

Results partial The first three quarters: 21-23, 39-33, 57-51.

Orlando: Vecerina 17 (3/9, 3/6), Baldassarre 16 (3/8, 3/6), Triassi 9 (0/1, 3/5), Passera 8 (1/3, 0/3), Klanskis 8 (2/3, 0/1), Okereke 5 (2/5), Sandri 4 (1/3, 0/1), Binelli 2 (1/4, 0/2), Telesca 2 (0/1), Spada it, Ravi it, Pizzurro it. Coach: Susi.

Ragusa strength: Sorrentino 27 (2/4, 7/13), Gaetano 15 (6/14), Ianelli 9 (3/4, 1/4), Milojevic 9 (3/8), Cesare 5 (0/3, 1/6) ), Zanetti 5 (2/4, 0/2), Valenti 3 (0/1, 1/1), Festinese (0/2), Cassar ne, Ugochukwu ne, Tumino ne, Mirabella ne. Coach: Mouthpiece.

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