Alexis Bomber, Liao Identification. Behavior: goal and gioia

These are the Milan – Dinamo Zagreb report cards:

Megan 6: He doesn’t have much work to do. Orcic’s goal is incomparable, because the Croats do everything at the right time. But he’s picky because he won’t come down.

Calabria 6,5: Especially in the first half he collapsed which is fun, he comes to play between the lines and tries to break the front line in the Dinamo Zagreb defense stage of nine players. More stable in the second half.

Bunny 6: The evening is not one of those challenging evenings, as he also showcases some typical developments from his collection. With regard to the Croatian goal, there is a collective error, as he also bears a small percentage of the responsibility.

Tomori 6: Copy and paste Kalulu’s comment. Perhaps in relation to Orcic’s goal, he could have done more in the initial reading phase about the movement of the Croatian offensive line.

Theo Hernandez 6.5: Like Calabria, he is trying to give a lot of capacity and unpredictability now in the team game, because opening up spaces in the Dynamo defense is very complicated.

Ringtones 6: More than the two in midfield, as Ibrahim has been lowered further to try and sew the match, he makes the second striker to support Giroud. He has a good chance in the head at the start of the match, but fails to win the whip. (from 67′ Escape 7: He scored his first Champions League goal, under the south, with a trailer he learned last year in Turin, and little did he do at Milan at the right times. A network that legitimizes its presence in the squad and its use in the field. And perhaps some obstructive thoughts toward him begin to ask himself two questions about the extended beliefs about personal hatred.)

Bin Nasser 6.5: Awarded Mvp by UEFA, for us he plays a game to his basic standards already drooling in the first few minutes. Comes out with the earned result and a good read of the bid management stage. (from 78′ Dest sv)

Saelemakers 7The Belgian turned out to be a striker in the Champions League. The second goal in a row deserved a double advantage, which turned out to be vital in the match. Bravo to follow up the work well and cut the right time on the cross of Liao. It has become more realistic and less trivial. Not the little things. (from 78′ Messias sv)

Ibrahim Diaz 6: Divides the performance between the cover, sacrifice, and offensive phase. At first, he does an excellent sprint, often regressing with long defensive diagonals that also lead to important ball recovery. However, it is a bit inaccurate in the warm metres. (from 78′ Krunic sv)

7.5 Leo We will miss him very much on Sunday against Napoli, because even against a Catinachiara team like the Italian provinces in the seventies, he managed to find the gaps that hurt him. The penalty kick obtained from Jeb Tomori and the decisive pass to Salemakers 2-0 cancel out the indecision that occurred in the first half when Tonali was fired. Strikes are also important in Europe. Next stop: Stamford Bridge.

Girod 6.5: Fighting between three dynamo defenders is not a sport for everyone. He tries and tries to open shirts, often comes to meet with his teammates to find the cornerstone of the Croatian defense systems. He strikes the second blow coldly and accurately within four days and the result is the same. The ball is in the goal and Milan is in the lead. (from 67′ De Kettleri 5.5: Shows a bit, doesn’t ask for the ball and looks a little confused when Pioli sends him in to play the pivotal role).

Supplement scores 6.5: He knew very well that Dynamo’s nine-man defense stage would be difficult to solve, which is why he asked his team to be patient in trading the ball. The 2-1 goal might spoil his plans for changes, but Pobega 3-1 and the pace that certainly fell after that goal allowed Milan to take a break.