Art and Formula 1, at the Monza Awards designed by Patrick Totofuku

Thursday 15 September 2022 – 13:29

Art and Formula 1, at the Monza Awards designed by Patrick Totofuku

The Pirelli Project and the Pirelli HangarBicocca Museum

Milan, 15 September. (askanews) – The awards given to the winning drivers of the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza 2022 were designed by Italian artist Patrick Totofuoco and selected by Pirelli HangarBicocca to implement the project that, thanks to Pirelli, brings contemporary art to the Formula 1 circuits for the second year in a row, As title sponsor, Pirelli chooses alongside Pirelli HangarBicocca, an Italian artist tasked with creating the race awards that will be placed on the podium, helping to create a tangible link between contemporary expression and the ongoing tension towards innovation in Formula 1. In 2021, the Assignment of artist Alice Ronchi to the authority on the occasion of the Imola circuit.

This year’s awards were designed and created by Patrick Totofuku, who created an abstract, fluid shape that evokes the concept of periodic time and is a reflection of the theme of dynamics and speed. The ribbon structure and fluorescent colors presented in Transparency are engineered through a complex technological process that includes a digital milling phase of the methacrylate block followed by an artisanal moment of coloring.

Eon – aeon in Italian – is the title of the Chalice that refers to the largest chronological unit that traces the age of the Earth. Then this unit of measurement, according to convention, is divided into eras, periods, eras and ages. So it refers to time that transcends human dimensions and tends to infinity.

“The Cup – explained Patrick Totofuku – has the shape of time, a time that leans towards the absolute due to its cyclical nature. It reveals a dimension of continuity and fluidity that is embodied in the Formula 1 tracks. It started from a digital composition that arises from the Mobius sector where the inside and the outside coincide with the lack of An origin and an end. From this image, a volume of methacrylate modeled on a digital cutter was created. From this scientific technological process, a form was born that has the elegance of time and the transparency of immeasurable energy.”

Patrick Totofuco, born in Milan in 1974, lives and works in Milan. With a career spanning thirty years, he is one of the most recognizable figures of the creative Italian panorama. He works with sculpture, video, neon, painting, and installation and uses light and color to create ambiance and emotions, resulting in pop-origin spaces and objects, with an open communication history, that seems to have emerged from 3D video games or science fiction films. Tuttofuoco’s practice, always in balance between order and entropy, is never a cold representation of reality, but rather combines scientific and mathematical elements with interpretations of human moods, demonstrating a constant openness to different fields of knowledge such as architecture, design, and urban planning. His work is present in important international private collections, museums, and in permanent public art projects.

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