Arthur from Juventus to Liverpool but worse and worse

The Brazilian on loan to the Reds has yet to play in the Premier League, and Klopp said he is now betting on him and says: “He can help us for a few minutes”. To convince him, the midfielder devotes himself to additional sessions, looking for the rhythm of the match with the second team.

From Mister 72 Million to “Broko” in a few years. The step is frighteningly short, especially for those who risk trying it firsthand. Former Juventus player Arthur is not there and, after two frustrating seasons in Turin, is doing his best to avoid ending up on the sidelines of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.


After arriving in England on the last day of the transfer market, the Brazilian was chosen by the Reds to treat the injuries suffered by the midfielders present in the squad. Keita, Jones, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Thiago were still in the pits, and Arthur had the task of putting up a patch every time Klopp questioned. That wasn’t the case: no Premier League minutes had been collected and only one appearance this season, in the last 13 minutes of the trip to Napoli, when the score was now seriously compromised.


The conditions were certainly not the best: the last time Arthur played a full match was on April 9, in Serie A against Cagliari. In the summer, the former Barcelona player did not even participate in the tour with Bonucci and his teammates, looking for a new team that would give him space and centrality. This was done under the leadership of Valencia, interested but without a budget, taken care of by Nice and Sporting Lisbon as well. In the end, Liverpool arrived: “Arthur hasn’t been at the top two years ago? That’s right – Klopp explained – but our idea of ​​the game is different from that of Juventus. The boy is a great path, he has an ‘excellent vision of the game and has in the past risen to the highest levels.'”

Another world

In fact, the German coach – after evaluating the player’s physical condition – did not think about the inclusion of Arthur of the first class. “He can help us for a few minutes, not an entire match.” But it was expected. The 26-year-old trained alone for several months, then moved to the league at the fastest pace in Europe. We should also consider the Klopp factor, sort of… Zeeman 2.0. The Bohemian relied on ladders and sandbags, and the German is more modern but equally demanding: full-back Robertson said that once he arrived at Liverpool, he ended up vomiting during the first day of training. “They made us run as hard as we could from side to side on the field, I was from Hull City and I wasn’t used to that.” Andrew was forced to stop, mocking his coach: “Nice to meet you, Mr. Sick Boy!”.


Worth 72 million (plus a 10 bonus) when Juventus included him in Pjanic’s deal with Barcelona, ​​Arthur knows Liverpool could represent the last chance to play a leadership role at one of Europe’s top clubs. In Turin he did not shine for several reasons: first for reasons of acclimatization, then injury, and finally because of the incompatibility with Allegri’s match. However, the physicist makes the difference in England. So the Brazilian asked to join the Under 21 team, to put minutes in his legs and find a rhythm match. Last weekend, he played 90 minutes against Leicester, and was involved in the Baby Reds’ win. He trains twice a day, does extra sessions in the gym, and can’t wait to feel like he’s on top to convince Klopp to bet on him. The commitment is there, but eventually the domain will speak. On the other hand, there is Arthur who dreams of traveling to Qatar with Brazil. On the other hand, Klopp’s Liverpool, which – according to some English newspapers – at this rate could already sell the midfielder in the next market session.