Basket Scafati, running in PalaMangano does not start: Shepherd Longobardi’s wrath

peeled; In the council room of the “Francesco Morlicchio” library the municipal council was held last night, where the management of Scafati (Sa) was supposed to approve the financial budget for 2022/2024, an initial step to purchase the renovation works of PalaMangano and the Municipal Stadium, necessary to make both structures coherent for the tournaments that The city’s basketball and football clubs participate in it. Well, last night’s session, the budget was not approved, so the restyling of the PalaMangano will not start soon, which is necessary to smooth the chassis for the first series championship.

Therefore, despite the sports miracle that occurred last June, the result of the work, planning and apparent investments of scafatesi entrepreneurs, and despite the absurd assurances of the mayor of Scafati and the entire administration that PalaMangano be adapted in time to start from the championship, at the moment, exactly three months later From the victory in the final, the yellow and blue club finds itself obliged to seek hospitality elsewhere, in order to take part in the Italian Basketball First Division, which should instead be a source of pride and pride for the whole city.

With bitterness and disappointment, the shepherd Nilo Longobardi wanted to have his say: “We, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Title Sponsor Jefuva, all sponsors and many Gyaluble fans have ridiculed and deceived the unfulfilled promises of local politicians and politicians. We have always made them share in our initiatives and victories, but now more than ever they have left us to our sad fate. Indeed, we are forced To migrate to another place to be able to participate in the first division that we wanted, sought and yearned for for so many years.We never expected to find ourselves at this point in the season without being able to get to PalaMangano, wooden floors conveyed with the usual warmth, passion and passion From our supporters, we have to conquer the successes and points of interest to keep us close to the top of the flight. Instead, we are forced to go far from Scafati, forcing our fans to go to Napoli to watch our matches at home. We have been denied our right to play on the pitch and in front of our fans. The city, the province of Salerno and the Vesuvian hinterland were deprived of the right and privilege to attend the best national basketball show on their territory, and the possibility of seeing the yellow and blue team face off against noble companies such as A. Olympia Milan. , Virtus Bologna and many others who participate in the Serie A championship and attend the derby against Napoli. From the development of facts I can only conclude that the real desire to hand PalaMangano to start the competitive season did not exist in reality. From many quarters, including technicians and experts in administrative procedures, we were told that approving the budget was not the only way to reform both the PalaMangano Stadium and the local stadium, thus bringing them into line with their respective leagues. Share a friend of Michele Giordano Scavezzi Calcio. Instead, we wanted to take the longest and most complex path that punishes and insults clubs and fans. I am disappointed and bitter: the politics of the city of Scafati is not worth any Siri team and it is not worth a sport made up of projects, investments and sacrifices. Instead, I ask our supporters, now more than ever, to stay close to us and follow us to PalaBarbuto, aware that distances are bridged in less than half an hour’s drive, giving a moral slap to the politicians and politicians who have only three months told fairy tales. We are instead a solid reality. The one thing we have in common in sports is intellectual honesty and loyalty in everything. Come to Scafati, always and in any case: we do not give up! “.