Basketball, president of Magnolia best manager of the A1 series

Antonella Palmieri, President of Magnolia Basketball Club Campobasso, will receive the Francesco Alvesi Award for Best A1 Coach of 2022. It will take place during the Women’s Basketball “Evening Party” on September 30th in Cagliari.

Acknowledgment – an acknowledgment from the Women’s Basketball League – that the first player on the Russobel team is co-managing with two other women in Russoble’s management: Vice President Valeria Cavalier and General Manager Rossella Ferro. “It is an honor that it makes me so happy. However, I want to dedicate and extend this award – he explains – to my companions in adventure, Valeria and Rossella, with whom I have been involved in these five years, and with whom I continue to share, a beautiful but challenging journey, which requires time and passion, Dedication and Desire.Taking on many responsibilities.I thank Lega President Massimo Protani, Lbf Board of Directors and the leaders of the Federation for their appreciation and appreciation for the efforts made by Magnolia Basket Campobasso to lay the foundations for a high-profile sports project in a small area which I hope he will always shine from through our love of basketball and desire to Contributing to the growth of the sport and the future of youth, especially at Moli’s. Also thanks to all the wonderful “Family Magnolia: Basketball teaches us every day that only the strength and spirit of group sacrifice leads to great results.”

A special thought goes to “all the guys I’ve had the good fortune to meet over the years”.

But there are concerns about the rising energy costs that sports clubs will have to contend with. “For the future, we will continue to work to help make our project more solid and sustainable over time,” says Palmieri. However, it must be said, from this point of view, that the coming year looks particularly complex: Increased facility management costs, linked to higher energy prices, and new sports work legislation threaten to undermine the economic and financial sustainability of sports clubs, despite significant support, in the case of Magnolia, from sponsors. . And in this case, there is an urgent need for all actors, institutional and others, to communicate and implement measures and tools to allow the world of sport, especially amateurs, to continue its important social work.”

One final thought – Palmieri – goes to young winger Blanca Quinonez who will be rewarded on the same evening of Cagliari at the end of the month as President Rosobli. He concluded: “The recognition given to Blanca – is the clearest sign of the wonderful work our club is doing at the nursery level. Ice mountain For a comprehensive technical growth process that starts from the territory, extends along different regions of the south and also aims at a broader vision with targeted exploration in different regions of Europe and the world.”

Finally, at Magnolia, we are looking carefully at what will be the date of the weekend with the fifth edition of the Cup Campobasso Sports, Chris sponsored by Ennebici scheduled for a weekend in the ring with the participation of, in addition to Steel Flowers, as well as other A1 team from Dinamo Sassari and A2 formations from Panthers Roseto and Thunder Matelica.

Saturday 24 of the semi-finals: Dinamo Sassari – Panthers Rossetto at 6 pm and La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso-Thunder Matelica at 8.30 pm. However, the next day, at 15.30 for the final, while at the age of 18 we will finish in the final.

To give everyone the opportunity to be passionate about the world of basketball in pink, among others, at the concert, Ennebici and Magnolia offered free admission to the kermesse.