best wishes. 50 Bittersweet Years for Bose, Tony Cappellari: ‘Go ahead and enjoy it’

Today, Thursday, September 15, 2022. Gianmarco Bosicothe lover, and often the idol of “Poz”, performs 50 years. Quite frankly, that doesn’t seem right or feasible to me. It doesn’t seem right to me because it’s hard to accept the idea that from our first meeting – Pre-season retreat in Bella, Aosta, 1994 – It’s been 28 years and pennies already.
And the Sweet sour birthday for the current coach Italian national team Who in a few hours passed by the sheer joy of passing the transformation into Europeans against SerbiaTo the bitter disappointment of eliminating last night against France.

It doesn’t seem possible to me because Disruptive PozzeccoThe explosive, tireless, semi-talkative, storyteller known in those quiet hours in Aosta is not so different from what I see, and which we all watch, during these wonderful European basketball tournaments.

In Gianmarco preoccupied with the direction of Azzurri, taking off the national team coach’s jacket and tie, he maintained the same victorious position – So many, so many, they call it theatrical – Make him wear a sleeveless Cagiva shirt Duke Varese and put it on Masnago billboards. Then, quietly, in “The Puzzle Week” style, try the classic game: find the differences.

In the end, very few I think. Well, Poz has a few extra pounds, which is a legitimate “door” and well-being effect. He often wears a beard with a luciferine cut. She has a few rare gray strands in her hair and a face that looks a little more mature. Then, of course, just those other 30 years. Point. For the rest, Gianmarco, “The Bose,” sounds “very similar” to me. corresponding to that. As if the time-passing rascal gave him a short, tender hug and not the strong narratives he keeps for most of us.

Probably, I suppose, Gianmarco Bosico, in disguise, belongs to the noble lineage of Conor McLeod, Highlander, the Immortal because, he admitted, 50 years in Bose had it not been for his birth certificate, You will never give them.

However, since today is undoubtedly his birthday, here, in addition to ritual wishes, I would like to remember and remember with Tony Cappellari, or the man who wanted him and brought him to Varese, the landmarks of my profession for Gianmarco. This is as a player and then as a coach.

“Yes, I confess: I took Pozzecco to Varese in the now distant summer of 1994 and– Capillary starts with a joke – I take all the blame. All responsibilities. For the sake of truth and for the record, I would like to add that I knew very little about this boy from Gorizia. I knew he had taken his first steps in Serie A playing at Bely Livorno, but above all I was thinking of the frequent phone calls that Vittorio “Toyo” Verracchini, his former Milan player as well as his agent, had called me. Take him exclaiming: “Tony, trust me, that’s good and you’ll earn a lot! However, before taking him to Varese for basketball, I decided to compare myself to coach Dudo Rosconi, but our coach also has little information about him and glimpses about it. Then Tony Bolgeroni, who He confronted him several times and spoke well to me and Toto, his father who, in connection with the decision, leaves me carte blanche.Therefore, at this point, I have broken the delay and play the card of “risk” by focusing on a person whom, I repeat, I have not seen in person before, asserting that in That time there were no films, no “featured videos”, no celebratory killing videos. In short: Pozzecco arrives at Varese a little bit with confidence and a little bit prickle.

And a kind of “Jack in the Box” comes out of the box: a big surprise…
“I confirm: Gianmarco only needs a few weeks of training to impress everyone. In order: coach Dudo Rosconi who appreciates his talent and his dynamism and I think he was a key figure in giving Bose a ‘square’. Cecco Vescovi, the ‘capataz’ from the group that immediately glimpses her qualities. Family Bolgeroni, enthusiastic about a gentleman, able to make himself likable at first sight and a player who shows from first effect an unexpected leadership perhaps. The audience who is literally enchanted by his style of play and instantly falls in love with his series of madness. And of course me too. Pozzecco in a few months is already Varese’s idol who I think rarely happened to Masnago, forgives him for any technical or tactical nonsense by virtue of an indestructible relationship of love, affection and friendship that will last for all nine years have passed since Poz wore the red and white shirt nine seasons which, by his own admission, represent and represent Obviously not an ultra for the player Gianmarco.”

In short: for Bose, nothing will be the same after Varese
“Indeed I think that Gianmarco, precisely because of his broad personality, captivating and always available, was good in whatever box he played. However, I repeat: to love each other is one thing, and it is quite another question to love each other as if there is no tomorrow It seems to me that the relationship between Varese and Pozzecco developed above all in these terms.”

Volume Two of “Io, il Poz”: His Career as a Coach
“I make a few necessary introductions to clear the field of useless afterthoughts. First: having known him so deeply as a player, I would have never imagined Bozeco to be a coach. Second: I would at least bet a penny on the fact that Bozeco could even manage from the most important The bench in Italy: the coach of the Italian national team. To be honest, I thought he was not left out of the coaching position. Today, in hindsight, I gladly admit my mistake. However, I would like to make it clear that it is only in Sassari, in a very protective environment and under the wing of a coach. As cool as Sardara, I’m starting to think Pozzecco can really become a coach. In my opinion, Pozzecco has to say thanks to Sardara, the environment of Dinamo and the special atmosphere of Sardinia. Three key elements that have given him a huge hand in his growth as a coach in both technical and human management. Since then, Gianmarco’s performance was only better.”

I remember well the chorus that basketball fans praised at Varese Pose: “Play well, play poorly, we want it illogically.” Now, this choir has to be modified slightly by changing the consonants: “We want it nationwide!”
“Well, I have already said: Choosing Pozzecco as coach of the blue group I think is a very brilliant idea for FIFA President Gianni Petrucci. Petrucci, in appointing Pozzecco, definitively and clearly separated himself from the previous ‘cliches’, and chose a coach who, if successful in comparison, is “Blood and sand.” Then, it is clear and also evident from the results, that Pozzecco is also very good at work in the gym. However, his “hand” and his identity as a coach is mainly attributable to the human management of the group and his extraordinary ability to communicate with the players who , most likely, they see and feel him close to them. As if he were a player of the thirteenth type. In this sense, Pozzecco is so good at giving strength, mentality and energy to everyone, that the main advantage was to turn good players into excellent players, who today are rightly considered one of the the highest levels in Europe.

Until now, it was an elegiac song. A type of Gloria Gloria a Bosico. Do you really have no reviews?
“My criticism is what many share, reading through newspapers and specialized websites, and relates to the behaviors and attitudes that Pozzecco has on the bench. Certain ways of working belong to a ‘code’ that every coach at this level must boast of for a simple and understandable question of class and style. For example, if I knew him well, I’m sure that post-Serbia President Petrucci would have embraced Bozeko warmly, and would pay him a thousand compliments, but right after that, so to speak, he also pulled his ears because certain behaviors must always be avoided. Once if I was the coach of the Italian national team Today, thanks to the clarity and credibility that the results achieved in blue gave him, Poz’s name has certainly been highlighted in yellow on the general managers’ calendar of all the major European teams, but in that perspective, if Gianmarco really wants to become a top coach – The Euroleague coach has not yet grown out of the shadows that, in some ways, encloses his character. But, I should add that Gianmarco was born, sorry, a man of 50 seen, very intelligent and I am sure he will learn to restrain himself. “

I would like to end this very interesting and interesting chat with your personal welcome message
“Gianmarco, I think you understand from my words, that she is a character very dear to me. I thought of him then, and I still am today, a wonderful flower born spontaneously in the basketball desert. It is no coincidence that he is one of the most loved and recognized personalities in our sport. He has communication potential. Enormous and formidable, and in this sense also he is truly generous, and has a truly unique ability to present himself. Only to these subjects deserves a unanimous chorus of compliments. I know for a fact that he values ​​me, appreciates and loves me. The mood and feelings I always gladly exchange. In conclusion, I will tell you one last anecdote Not long ago in the forum after a game played by Armani Milano, I met Poz with his girlfriend and his partner wife and in introducing myself to her whispering: “Dear, this is Tony Cappellari, the man who allowed me to become a real basketball player.” After this really interesting sentence , what else can I add? Maybe, just “Grandy poses, best wishes, enjoy it and keep it up.”

Massimo Turconi