Brazil 2008, Glock Fact: ‘I wanted to come back, I didn’t know I decided on the title’ – Formula 1

Throughout his career in Formula 1 Timo Glock He competed in the 91 GP and won three podiums, all at the wheel of a Toyota between the 2008 and 2009 seasons. However, the German is remembered by all fans, in spite of himself, for beingThe involuntary protagonist of the 2008 title race Between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. In the final corner of that championship’s last Grand Prix cycle, in fact, Hamilton overtook Lindenfels’ driver, who managed to take that place, fifth, to win his first world championship for what would later become a legendary career. In the crazy final race of the Brazilian year, which was conditioned by intermittent torrential rain, the then-standard holder of Toyota stayed on the track with dry tires as it rained down the track, but found himself unable to push through the final lap, with the circuit now inundated.

On that lap Glock lost 18 seconds to Hamilton, passing McLaren #22 within sight of the finish line. Massa, the winner of this race and the hypothetical champion for about 30 seconds, lost the championship by just one point. I stayed for years in the middle Speculation and conspiracy theories Regarding the behavior that occurred on that last lap, Glock told his truth in a very long conversation on the official F1 podcast, Beyond the net. Just last year, Glock himself was the protagonist in an interesting interview with Felipe Massathe “injured part” of that amazing day, as he showed the Ferrari driver aboard the last lap to explain the difficulties he had on the now waterlogged track.

rain arrives
“On the track, I tried to do my best and remember the last 3-4 laps very well because the direction we were going was clear to me. I mean, it wasn’t clear to me that I was going to decide the title, but we were between 7th and 9th and then these drags came on the track. Three laps left I remember telling the team I think it will end in disaster, because these clouds will come in one or two cycles. If it rains, there will be chaos. They told me we had nothing to lose and that we would stay outside.”.

unable to go back
“On the penultimate lap it already started raining in the last corner and I said over the radio “Guys, I have to go back.”, because you can see how much water there is. They told me I couldn’t go back to the pit because the pit lane was already full of people for the podium party and people had lost their minds because Massa was the world champion at that moment. So they told me to stay outside. At that moment I was fourth, although I had no information and was trying to survive. I couldn’t keep the car. If you look at the panels on the plane, you understand. There was no grip.”

Unknown protagonist
“My track engineer only told me that Hamilton had won the title, but not because I decided. I went back to the pit, I stopped Hamilton in front and congratulated him, I don’t know how many thousands of Brazilian spectators were in front of him. Then all the reporters came and asked me why I helped Lewis, why I decided Title.I was thinking inside me ‘What the hell is going on?’. Then my physiotherapist took me away and locked me in a locker explaining everything. Mass? I haven’t spoken to him in 10 years. I thought she was going to kill me“.

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