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Europe – rest of the world 1-0

Sea Road (Euro) b. c. Sock (work) 6-4 5-7 10-7

In the latest version of cup makingorganized in TD Garden In Boston, Team World proved unable to take advantage of the absence of the Big Three to reach the event’s first coveted prize. Indeed, the final report is a severe and definitive recitation of 14-1, which is the largest one-way result since the competition was born. In 2021, the various packages in Team Europe gave Casper the opportunity Rod Not only to be part of the tennis elite on the Old Continent for the first time, but also to oversee the opening of the competition: in his first match, he beat Riley in two sets Opelka. Since then, he’s come a long way on the fast surfaces, only to re-emerge a year later at the exact same moment – kicking off the jig – stronger and more confident than ever. Before arriving in London, he dragged his country to the cup Davis Against India, beat Gunneswaran 6-1, 6-4 and start getting acquainted with indoor playing conditions.

Laver Cup, the whole program today: It’s Federer’s farewell day. Double with Nadal live on Ubitennis

The other protagonist in the opening challenge is Jack sock: Always an essential part of the team Coming from the rest of the world, in previous versions of the trophy dedicated to the legendary Rod game. In fact, his absence in 2021 was one of the main reasons that led to a clear gap between the two teams, given his great reliability in the doubles. He has a record in this tournament 7-2 In specialized matches, while playing Only three singles matches:- Between 2017 and 2019, the years when he was one of the faces of the team led by McEnroe – the victory over phonini Three seasons ago, he lost to Edmund (in 2018, he was kidnapped by a group) and the previous year again by Nadal.

It was necessary for the Team World to start successfully, but Casper’s confidence and momentum gave the Norwegian the opportunity to award the first point to Europe, albeit only in the tiebreak; In the presence of the former n. 8 World Cup is not physically suitable to challenge like carats. A meeting that isn’t technically exciting, as both of them ended their highly tense duel. However, the atmosphere was, as always in this event on the track, Fabulous With Federer and Djokovic to “nibble” something like old snack buddies; Rafa gives timely advice to his “disciple” Rod and Tiafoe to take the inheritance of Kyrgios by lying on the ground and fainting – with the support of Auger-Aliassim – after Sock’s exploits. Only for Jack, there is no room for despair: Tonight we return to the field, In the most anticipated complications in historyto get the Christmas present he didn’t find in the window for number 2 in the world – tomorrow in fact he will be 30 years old.

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match – Shivering and goosebumps like madness, while displaying the components of the two teams, with the most devastating roar obviously dedicated to King Roger. Before the fifth edition of the competition finally begins, there is time for the triumphant entry to the O2 Arena in London for the person for whom the event is named: Rod Laver, the Australian champion who sixty years after the historic achievement of his first major championship, a feat accomplished in 1962 as an amateur Then he repeated seven years later as a professional.

The encounter between Rudd and Sock is a rather interesting challenge on the tactical level and the points of interest it can bring: two players possess same arms, straight and send, trying to spoil the opponent’s game. It is clear, however, that there are also distinct differences on the one hand regularity change file Coupled with the resistance and ability to give the best of himself in the protracted exchanges of the 23-year-old from Oslo; On the other hand, the 29-year-old from Lincoln who certainly doesn’t make his physical condition his strong point prefers tennis that is reduced to the bone and based on a lack of and breakthrough accelerationEspecially through what is wonderful elongated Straight up which is the best way to circulate and embroider On the net relying on his skills as a top-level multiplier.

Laver Cup, the whole program today: It’s Federer’s farewell day. Double with Nadal live on Ubitennis

Game start from nightmare For Jack, get ready and go with partial From six points a 0 For Private Casper. former n. 8 of the world too Error, Many errors due to the delay in the arrival of the star and stripes player to the ball. Indeed, the sock always prepares his shots with a lot of time and this, in addition to leading him to make more mistakes than he should, even when he can hit half of the opponent, forces him to lose Methodically and frequently meters on me Campo. In this scenario, the two-time winners of the 2022 Grand Slam tournaments can be to drive quietly every single fifteen With the right, the American moves at will and repeatedly confirms a fatal blow. for current n. 128 ATP, things are getting worse since n. The second place in the world rankings decided to show countless counterparts in the stands in London improvements to lato From reflect. The Norwegian Ghost responds with great depth, specifically the Pimani; It also takes Perla Fabulous With amazing pressure to break out of the slings of what must be your weak link. result, 3-0 Rod. World Team member looks beautiful with disappointmenthowever it grows with the passing of the minutes, notably by taking advantage of the net’s drop and trying to hack Casper’s backhand: some small opening Opening in the perfect setting of the Norwegian game, twice the son of Art finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to face 15-30, but in both the third and fifth match, the European tennis player’s serve is the stainless.

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Rod joke a discount in teacher’s officeand the return in both cases has been successfully completed, and precisely the basis for the beginning of the game is to prove that it is correct black up his sleeve Norwegian. In fact, we got to time subordinate Reality, or n. 2 ATP is at bat to close the break, with the Oslo native having only had to resort to the second in three circumstances so far: but at its most ruthless Kasper is, first he wastes a forehand from the indecisive serve and then loses a trade near the grid – not His favorite hunting ground. at that point Complete the omelette, with a reckless and shallow attack on the left side of Jack, who, on the contrary, does not allow himself to pray, passes and takes the corresponding fraction. However, the group came to an end, and the Nebraska tennis player immediately returned heavy and slow: goes below 0-40, but also thanks to Rudd who is not at all cynical – who misses one slice So convenient and equally easy – manage to appear again on par. However, once again, having reached parity, the Grand Slam champion loses three times in doubles: a double fault first and then a forehand at the net They send 6-4 to archive after 41 minutes.

It starts again, as it was finished. Intermittently giving 2017 Paris champion Bercy his taste Exceptional manual skills, as also happened in the opening group. This is because, in addition to being a top-tier hitter, Jack has a touch that cannot be underestimated at all. The man in the red jersey, a statistic that highlights the big difference between the two champions, tries to hit the ball on average in the ascent phase: that is, with great anticipation, to try to waste the opponent’s time. The tactic would be correct, but the effects are not visible. In fact, he was promptly punished by Rudd’s long two-lane streak: another hit, which would please the Norwegian today. The feeling is that the American isn’t too short to get into the game, but he’s clearly not used to such a tough level in singles. Meanwhile, Jack continues his work A personal battle against the eye of the hawk, while the equilibrium remains dormant for the time being. In the seventh inning, a nice curtain: Sock warns that the ball hit the bar, but the sensor does not send the signal, so the chair judge cannot intervene. Casper at this point gives more vitality to his reputation as an excellent athlete and gives the opponent the opportunity to repeat the point. This discovers him in danger of collapsing, but is saved by winning three fifteen Respectively, the exact same situation returns in the next game with the roles reversed. The player continues to lead McEnroe in this enrage the half moon around the sphere To perform the anomalous front hand from the inside out, however, the legs do not move as they should and the felt body often falls into the service box. Therefore, when he can, he does not paint wet, and punctually complement it with paints with skillful use of the wrist. The order of services is not questioned, so it seems that the fracture Destined to move into the tiebreak. However, a surprise – and unexpected – materializes empty corridor by Ruud. Norwegian gets robbed 0 In turn, missing the pitch metrics altogether leads to a double fault, and allows Team World to do the super half. The former US top ten never forgives: 7-5 in 51 minutes.

As in the opening match, there 3-0 Initial. This time Sock, who flies right before a small break in the first point of the long tiebreak, fell thanks to a short answer that Rod couldn’t lift with a forehand. Casper seems a little obscured by the tension of the moment, but he still doesn’t want to give up: against 3 in a row e 3-3. Jack’s suicide sends a smash on the young 23-year-old from Oslo, losing the accumulated advantage. A portion of the points does not cross its path, but rather settles on five consecutive points. on me 7-3However, the Miami finalist’s arm was still betrayed by the pressure: so the American bats again. To determine the fate of the match, is Sixteenth point of the third half: He raises the American front hand on the bar and drops into the jack’s half-court. So Ruud can finally conclude the first point of Laver Cup 2022For Europe: 10 points for 7in seventeen minutes.

Laver Cup, the whole program today: It’s Federer’s farewell day. Double with Nadal live on Ubitennis