By the technician at the moment only failed missions

Urgent analysis of the delicate situation, which appears to be drowning in the dark seas of failure, must be extensive. Heroes of the story: Andrea Agnelli, deus ex Machina of the Juventus project, the man who opted for the return of Massimiliano Allegri, who in 2018 divided the company into three sectors between Paratici, Ricci and Re only for none of the three A. Only four years later. Who wanted Cristiano Ronaldo first and who launched the Superlega project. Then Federico Cherubini and his staff in the market, against whom many have pointed the finger of blame in these hours. Then Massimiliano Allegri, whom we will talk about a little later, between tasks, mistakes and excuses.

Disadvantages of Agnelli and Arrivabene

Andrea Agnelli opted to restructure Juventus, with John Elkann joining him with a new CEO as Maurizio Arrivabene. Immediate verdict on the accountant: the task of restructuring the balance sheet, thanks to the capital increase and above all. However, it must be understood that the communicative management of a football club is not the management of a Formula 1 team. A fan’s mobile phone at the exit from the luncheon is equivalent to a camera on BBC or RAI: ​​every word must be balanced, weighed and calibrated. The release of Allegri is a disaster in all respects. Then Agnelli’s contracts: the four-year contract, the absolute mandate on the transfer market, after he avoided seeing him at Real Madrid, are all his options. Such as not repeating Antonio Conte, which the duo Paratici-Nedved proposed to the president himself. Another best kind of flashback, now only Allegri’s contract keeps the club in check, unless he chooses to excuse and dissolve Montero in-house pending bonuses found next summer. For now, the presidency has failed.

Management defects

Which responds to the name of Federico Cherubini and his men, Matteo Tognozzi and Giovanni Manna above all else. What are the disadvantages? Once a scout tried to pick an important name from the outside because he was convinced of its potential, Dennis Zakaria was suspended by the coach. Allegri actually has carte blanche on most choices and failures. Was a central office needed? Juventus snatched the best player in Serie A, Bremer. Will a great midfielder be needed? Paul Pogba. A suitable exit for the Allegri match? Leandro Paredes. Which wing may put a cross? Philip Kostek. Whoever ignites the spark, he also loves others who are not young but ready at once? Angel Di Maria. Deputy Vlahovic is able to play together? Arcadius Milik. She wasn’t able to satisfy him on Alvaro Morata but Moise Kean, due to wrong choices the previous summer, is not transferable and the same goes for Alex Sandro (hence his replacement) and Daniele Rugani due to the top salaries. What more should they have done?

Allegri’s mistakes

What should the coach do? Give the team a game. Tactical identity. Identify. Keep it on the piece for ninety minutes. To make sure that in the face of difficulties he knows how to react. This applies to all teams in the world, and in the case of Juventus, to make him the master of the field, in the game, for the opponent, technically, tactically and psychologically. Can anyone reading these humble lines resist the theory that Massimiliano Allegri fails in all respects? Juventus are out, they don’t have a match, they fail at every opportunity, they are neglected by PSG as well as by Monza, they have players who don’t seem motivated and disorganized. In the vast majority of workplaces, CEOs change when that is the case. But they don’t have 7 million per year plus 2 bonuses per season for 3 more seasons including this one.