Chiariello’s editorial: “Apologize to the ADL. In the face of those who didn’t believe it!”

“It was a good game at San Siro, with two teams who thought about winning and both deserved to be commended.”

In the context of “Campania Sport” day Channel 21journalist Umberto Chiariello He commented on Napoli’s win at the San Siro in his editorial:Someone will remember the movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, and the starring movie gives Spalletti such a great opportunity. Last year Juventus collapsed, with Inter tore the Scudetto from the chest after losing the derby to AC Milan. Only the Rossoneri, who looked like an incapable team, managed to win after the tournament ended by selling Donnarumma and Calhanoglu. It was Napoli who at the end of the cycle their best players could and should seize the opportunity. Unfortunately, this fact remains an open wound to Spalletti, who, every time she is called, grows angry. He will be able to recover as he wants, but the last year in history will still be the great missed opportunity. But Spalletti remains a great coach who has the full confidence of the club and the team and the respect and sympathy of the Napolitans, regardless of some “Spalletti” in the way matches are managed. Even today we have something to laugh about how he manages the game.

The fact is that Juve returned to rolling, and indeed collapsed, losing at Monza and playing an unseemly match. Such a thing is not remembered even in the years of Maifredi and Delneri, I think Allegri his days are numbered. So at the moment it looks like Juventus are out of the Scudetto: from one! And the second, do we want to name it? Inter already lost 3 league games and virtually collapsed against Udinese, so out of 2 games! Do we want to talk about Rome? Mourinho was intertwined to play with two light poles in the midfield, Cristante and Matic, and Roma in the midfield put in a brutal effort. Today they scored goals, but Atalanta, who changed their style of play, is Catinachiara’s team and has no more imagination in attack. Today he realized the ignorance of Roma, through his scoring ball. Three out! Who stays? Certainly not the Udinese, the Atalanta who have no cups? I have my doubts.

Naples and Milan remain. It was a great game at the San Siro, with two teams thinking about winning and both worthy of praise. Milan played a great game, but he found a wall in front of them. It consists firstly of Kim and Rahmani, and secondly, an extraordinary goalkeeper who only deceives, is ignorant and does not understand anything about football, he can think that he can be a goalkeeper in the Italian Serie A or a goalkeeper of the condominiums. Alex Merritt, write this name down and study! Then Naples has a midfield washer that cleans everything, this pig Lobotka is amazing, he takes them all in. Even when Anguissa and Zielinski don’t shine, he’s always there. And in front of Naples they have the new phenomenon, because it is Kvaratskellia that determines the results. In the first half he had Cajair and Calabria warned and disqualified from the race, and in the second half he entered the improvised Dest who made a mistake on the penalty kick. And that Simeone who wants to show off closes the race. Naples is there! It’s a great team against those who say it takes years to replace the former and the youth doesn’t pay.

Show Naples and Milan that you not only win with money, but with competence and ability. Someone will have to apologize to Aurelio De Laurentiis, other than the A16. You have to take Africa, you have to go there! Because this club, like Milan, has lowered the salary cap and rejuvenated the team not to be afraid of firing Insigne, Mertens, Ospina and Fabian Ruiz. In the meantime they were working to re-establish a mission, the evidence being the worst on the field against Milan Jacques Rasbadori. If Napoli led by De Laurentiis had wanted to play for savings, Mertens would have been kept, he would have accepted everyone’s applause and not spend 35 million. This money is an indictment of the folly of Napoli fans who did not understand that De Laurentiis completely renewed the team and did not reduce anything. And now there is only one star in the league, the one painted blue and that is Napoli. In the face of those who did not believe in him!“.