Cita Di Sciu – Raer Venezia beats Brixia Basket to take 3rd place

Umana Reyer wins the challenge between “Leonesse”, taking third place in the City of Schio Trophy, and imposes itself on the Brescia team led by coach Stefano Zanardi who made way for the guest Scledensi yesterday, at the end of a match played moreover, with great determination and without fear.

Sarah Madeira, who has just come back from her commitment to the blue jersey, “breaks the ice” from a distance, leaving Miller and Martina Fasina, last on goal twice in a row, the task of advancing the scoreboard to 7 to 2.

The tunes are sustainable despite the efforts made just 24 hours ago and the show benefits as the score takes off for both teams, quickly progressing 14 to 9 from the first half. Brescia women react not long after, white and blue restore the absolute equivalence of “Amen”. Shepherd seems unstoppable under the crystals and is the one who signs the new +4 which, however, doesn’t last long given the three-point Croatian molar action. The first break, really excellent for both teams, ends with a “solomonik” from 20 to 20.

It’s a real match and not a joint training session that can be understood from the energy of the two competitors fighting for every big ball even at the start of the second half. Orogranata is looking for different offensive solutions and above all that combination that will be indispensable for the rest of the season. Brescia does not stand still and maintains that she can rely on different sides in attack by striking repeatedly from more than 6.75 and up to 24 to 34. Umana Rier counts on the goal of Sarah Madeira, who returned her teammates to 28 to 34. A Brooke Johnson today maintains “On the ball” especially at a distance between them and Brescia goes to the long interval from 30 to 38.

Returning from the locker rooms you see the highly focused rifle immediately find the way to the basket with Santucci. Next, a block of Kujer, Sara Madera basket and Kuier basket bring Umana closer to 36 to 38 after two minutes and a little more. Coach Zanardi had instant time out of which his daughters came out with seven straight points in their favour. Kuier doesn’t fail from the extreme corner but De Cristofaro is equally accurate from the same distance. Some inaccuracy in freedom prevents the complete return of the orogranata who by no means give up and continue to search for each other leaving any individual character. However, the last part of the third break from Brescia which is close to 50 to 62.

Coach Matson shuffles the cards in the last 10, giving confidence to the All-Italy pentathlon with the exception of Milder, also from the Italian coaching. This move produces excellent results and Reyer approaches 57 at 62 in 6 minutes from the last bell despite a certain inaccuracy with the clock stopped preventing full use of the bonus previously reached by Brixia. Four changes in the gun house in the last bars and Omana returned to only one possession (62-64 at -2.30). Shepard from the line completed the call just 87 seconds to end and is still from the line of charity to sign the new feature. What appeared to be the rifle’s Achilles heel was the winning weapon as Santucci in turn was accurate for free shooters by finishing a game that Raer so desperately wanted, showing character and overcoming the typical difficulties of pre-season. .

Rier Venezia – Brixia Basket 70-64

Molecules: 20-20; 30-38; 50-62

Umana Reyer Venezia: Carrer ne, Villa 2, Franchini, Meldere 6, Cubaj, Madera 11, Fassina 8, Carraro, Santucci 14, Shepard 22, Kuier 7, Versuro ne (All. Andrea Mazzon)

RMB Brixia Basket: Johnson 15, Tomasoni R. 3, Zanardi 16, Molnar 6, De Cristofaro 6, Tempia 3, Scarsi 8, Scalvini ne, Rainis, Valli 2, McRay 5 (All. Stefano Zanardi)

Team totals:
Umana Rier Venice: head 2 20/37, head 3 4/17, p. 18/30, incline. Dave. 34, rimb. turning off. 15, p. 17, PR 5, help
RMB Brixia Basket: Version 2 12/33, Version 3 12/35, Page 4/9, rim. Dave. 22, rimb. turning off. 12, p. 10, PR 5, help