Class regression, there is an unconscious subordination

There has been talk of referees for months in European basketball. Not only for the Eurobasket, but also to refer to the last Euroleague season and the LBA tournament itself. Controversies, justified or “biased” as they are, in these hours returned to the news after Italy and France.

The floor was taken by former FIP referee Silvio Correas, who was also previously the coach of the referee and head of the technical sector in the same association. The term “submission” is also used.

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Silvio Correas’ words

Let’s start from the beginning, or rather from the post-Italy and France controversy, and from the 89 ” whistle-swinger from the end to Marco Speco.

After the match, Niccolo Meli rushed to the German television cameras, saying: “I have never talked about referees, I have never spoken in my career. But the International Basketball Federation has to do something, there have been many serious mistakes in this tournament.” As well as the use of the term “quality”.

Silvio Correas takes the word as follows: «Governors, in general, are living in an age of global decline. The match goes to 1000, the referees to 50. The players train twice a day with 4/5 coaches and half coaches, and at this stage of the European Championship the referees work about an hour a day with the coaches. In the second stage, they went to 30 minutes a day.”

A clear step back, here’s the rush: «In the past five years, there has been a step back on collateral and equity. Many referees unconsciously suffer from the psychological subordination of certain players and teams. Whether they are clubs or citizens.”

Also referring to the international division of the game: “Then the FIBA ​​and Euroleague wars affect the referees. Euroleague players play the League, European Cup and World Cup. Rulers don’t do that. The federations are silent only to complain about the low level of referees. After all, referees are registered by the associations.”

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