“Confidence but we need to change course.” background

the phone is cryingDomenico Modogno sang. The title is on the sidelines of one The Juventus crisis does not end In the news of the expected call from the president of Juventus Andrea Agnelli for his coach Massimiliano AllegriFor many, but not all, their backs to the wall after the disappointing results in recent weeks that condemned the old lady in both the League and the Champions League. It is clear that the rumors about the phone call between the number 1 player of Juventus and Max contributed to the re-fuelling of the social storm for the people of Juventus.

Juventus, Agnelli-Allegri phone call: what they said

As I mentioned before Gazzetta dello sportAnd the Massimiliano Allegri Turning to his Livorno, to recharge his batteries after the last frustrating weeks, taking advantage of the break in Juventus to stop the national teams, he was contacted by phone by the Juventus president. Andrea Agnelli. “We continue together – Rosa writes – but patience is not without limits: Juventus He wants to change course immediately.”

From the first rumors Agnelli wanted to personally reassure the Tuscan technicianBesides the words he speaks, Maurizio Arrivabene But before Monza Juventus. Trust yes but not indefinitely. Agnelli asked Allegri for an immediate transformation. also printingA newspaper close to the Agnelli family describes the nature of the phone call in these terms:

Agnelli calls the coach: Confidence is reasserted, but Juventus must wake up. During the break, the management and technician will study solutions to the problems that have emerged. The first intervention in preparation will be: reorganization of roles in staff

Juventus background crisis: Allegri fined

In addition to the contents of President Agnelli’s phone call with Allegri, details related to the Juventus crisis continue to emerge. First of all Max was fined for the interview Given to Mario Sconcerti and Al Corriere della Sera Immediately after the defeat with Benfica. Even if both the journalist and the coach talked about a simple conversation between friends, the fact that the conversation was published in the newspaper without going through the approval of the Juventus press office, made many in Juventus raise their noses. the team

Juventus crisis: For Nedved Allegri, he would have been excused

Another aspect of the Juventus crisis concerns the vice president Pavel Nedved. For the former Czech midfielder, an immediate change was necessary, or perhaps it would be better to say, it would also be necessary to take advantage of the break for the national teams. Rejoice at once, exonerated Just 7 days later, it was the idea of ​​the former Czech outrage, to try to change the stalemate in the season that almost risks bankruptcy, and also and above all in economic terms, worse than continuing to push Allegri and another technician in his place. For now, however, the presidential streak holds, in line with CEO Arrivabene, to continue with the Livorno coach.

Agnelli’s confidence in Allegri: Fans ready for war

Juventus fans continue to demand the head of Max Allegri, or the majority at least. “But what is the point of having a coach who hasn’t understood anything for 14 months and who lets people like them DybalaAnd the Bentancur e KulusevskyHe writes one of many #Allegriout of these hours. But not only protest with the Tuscan coach. In the past few hours, another hashtag has begun to diminish among Juventus fans and the effects of which have already been seen in the matches at home with Salmitana and Benfica: # StadiumPhoto. It is a protest against ticket price policy but also against a team and club that appear to be distant relatives of the one who has dominated Italy for 9 years.

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