Cunning: “At Zandvoort Aston Martin is fifth on the pace” – Formula 1

In the convulsive technical picture of the 2022 revolution, several teams were the champions of the controversial seasons, with a gradual decline after a positive start for some, while others were able to rebuild a championship that began under the banner of difficulties. Among the latter is Aston Martin, which has consistently fallen to the last positions in the first rounds of the season, thanks to an aerodynamic concept that has proven less profitable when tested on the track than the virtual simulator had expected. Starting in February, the stable started The wind tunnel study for a new forged-belled aerodynamic philosophyto the track in Barcelona where the team began building development.

Thus, Aston Martin gradually returned to the ranks of the middle group, constantly scoring more and more points and strengthening the penultimate position in the constructors’ standings against Williams. Team leaders often stressed the AMR22’s lack of flying lap performance, but they did show excellent racing speed. Luca FurbatoRevealed the engineering director of the team How the car on some occasions turned into the fifth power in terms of racing speed: “We have never revealed any secret that we are not happy with our season. We started with some difficulties, but in the last few races, especially from 10 onwards, we changed our pace, especially at the race pace. In Zandvoort we were the fifth fastest team in the race, but that happened elsewhere too. So, in the race, we are fairly consistent and conservative on the tyres. The limit is qualifying, the flying lap, where we struggle a little bit. We try to understand each other better, because given that the race speed is very good, if we start from the front it will be another advantage.”

“Now it is clear that there are three teams that are the usual teams, then Alpine and McLaren which are very strong teams.”continues Furbato. “In the end, even if you have a great race, you only get a point or two, so it’s hard to climb up the championship positions. No matter how we try and at least we’re consistent, we get a point or two in every race. On the other hand, Alfa Romeo scored Lots of points early in the season, while now it seems to me that there are eight or nine major races that you don’t win one anymore, but it’s hard to catch them, because they’ve had a great start to the season. However, as a trend, we have improved and are not against the current compared to the first teams. This means that we are developing the car in line with our more qualified competitors and in my opinion it is a positive thing for next year.” In this regard, according to technical director Andrew Green, Aston Martin will face 2023 with a car completely different from the current one, hoping that the change will help climb more and more sites on the network.

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