David Ferrer ‘concerns’ for Carlos Alcaraz: ‘Let’s hope he recovers’

Spain is a candidate to be among the champions of the Davis Cup finals. This is the idea of ​​former world number 3 David Ferrerwho as tournament director obviously could not show himself too biased, but has full confidence in the potential of the Spanish selection led by Sergi Brugueira (who at the moment sees his singles player Ramos-Vinolas drop by one set against Serbian Laszlo Djer).

“Yesterday we saw that all the matches were very balanced, that there is no clear candidate, even if Spain, in my view, has better players, but in the Davis Cup everything is very balanced,” he said. EFE.

Above all, Ferrer is confident in the tremendous quality of his current spearhead which is Carlos AlcarazThe new winner of the US Open. Alcaraz, who has returned from his endeavors on American soil, will not participate in his first matches in Spain.

In this sense, Ferrer hopes to be able to recover as quickly as possible: “It’s a question about the captain. He arrived straight away after finishing, got on a plane and was a bit tired due to jet lag, but we hope he recovers to be able to play.”

Alcaraz reveals his routine before each match

It’s time to enjoy a truly amazing victory, which could be a decisive turning point in his career. Carlos Alcaraz continues to tell his story after winning the fantastic Cup in New York, in the various interviews given to the international media.

The Spaniard also spoke with an open heart with the ATP Tour, expressing his feelings after winning the US Open: “I’m a fairly simple person and that’s what I enjoy the most, sitting on a bench with five or six friends., at home or at Car, quietly speaking and telling tales.

This is what makes me happy. Frankly, I fear failure. Disappointing people is one of my biggest fears. It’s scary not to live up to expectations. Even if I am number one in the world and win a major tournament, there will be tournaments where I will not respect my level.

Above all, I do not want to disappoint the people around me, especially those closest to me,” admitted 19-year-old Morciano. Special thanks also to psychologist Isabel Balaguer: “You are one of the reasons why I am number one.

Thanks to her I have improved a lot. In tennis, it is very important to have a mental trainer: you have to deal with the pressure week after week and throughout the year you have to be mentally fresh. I am not saying that without a psychologist it would be impossible, but it would be much more difficult,” he said.

He then concluded by saying what would be his next dream: “I would be happy to play against Roger Federer, as well as to beat one of the three big players in one of the four Grand Slams. I have always said that to be the best you have to defeat the best.”

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