Defeated the bull and booed: Sassuolo beat Grande Torino

Dionysi’s team reached 93: Alvarez decides the match by mocking Bongiorno and defeating Milinkovic-Savic.

It ends between the whistles of Torino – Sassuolo: Dionysi’s team crushes Grand Torino with a goal in full recovery, in the 93rd minute. Juric puts a team without strikers, then makes repairs in the second half but as the bombs gradually lose their coating, Sassuolo begins to appear more and more in Milinkovic’s parts. And in 93 comes Alvarez’s mockery.

First Half: Goal disallowed in Lazaro

The surprise is Juric, by giving up Pellegri and Sanabria: there is no reference point, because Sek, Radunjic and Vlasic play at the same time. Kind of 3-4-1-2, with the Croatian slightly behind the two companions. At 4, Toro does not take a good opportunity: the penalty that Lukic hits from the edge does not pass. It’s better to be a bomb in the first half than in the first half, even if it’s from the Consiglio il Toro parts that don’t look too dangerous. At 17′, when Radonjic sends a sic who finishes poorly with his left. The Senegalese always tries again after four minutes but his shot is irresistible. At 28′ from Sassuolo complains of a can touch the hand De Bongiorno: That crushing him with his head makes him pass near his arm. Baroni confronts Irrati and lets her continue. At 37 min. Lazaro: Sengo went fishing in the Vlasic region. The Croatian resists his opponent and coordinates himself to avoid the goalkeeper’s exit, but he grabs the post. In the second, a stone’s throw away, there is Lazaro who is carrying the bags. However, Var Baroni newspaper called: After reviewing the procedure, he canceled the advantage network due to the offside of Vlasic. At 43′ in the corner, Fratesi expects everyone, but on this shaft he puts on the gauntlet of Milinkovic-Savic who also hurts himself, ending up at the bottom of the net. The game pauses for three minutes to allow the grenade medical staff to assist the Serbs. Before the break, there is time for an occasion when Vlasic fails. We go into the second half at 0-0.

Second half: Alvarez goal

Toro starts again with the same men and Sassuolo does the same: so there is no problem for Milinkovic-Savic, regularly on the pitch. Big chance in the 10th minute: Singo’s candidate for Lukic in the area sees Radonic rushing to his left and serving him: However, the Serb misses poorly and misses a delicious opportunity. At 11′ Lukic tries on the outside: a sly ball that Consiglio follows to get out, albeit in a dive. At 13′ triple change: in the field Sanabria, Pellegri and Aina, from Radonjic, Seck and Lazaro. In the 23rd minute, after an urgent action, it was Deji who touched the goal. At the age of 33, Yurich also remembered Djidji and introduced Zema. Try to face Sassuolo repeatedly in the grenade trocar. Free kick from Llorente saved by Milinkovic. bull fight To build the game and it is often dismantled due to bugs. Meanwhile, the anti-president choirs arrive in Cairo from Marathon, followed by the agitating choruses of Ivan Jurich. Three minutes of recovery: In the third, Sassuolo hit a cross on the right and Alvarez mocked Bonjorno with a header that left Milinkovic-Savic.

Vanja Milinkovic-Savic