Did they choose Perez’s heir in Red Bull? This is what it is

It’s time at Red Bull for big market moves. It looks like the Austrian team has identified another young driver to take on.

Show up at Monza Arena to participate in 1 Free Friday on a hurry Aston MartinAnd the Nick de Vries He couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen. The circus train, hitherto out of control, was about to appear at its station. And he was able, with his intelligence and skill, to take it admirably.

Red Bull (ANSA)

Appendicitis attack accused by Alex Albon Saturday morning, the cockpit doors opened for him Williams And the ninth place he got in Absolute Beginning could have guaranteed him something more substantial.

As soon as the Grand Prix race around his name came to an end, there was a deafening noise. In an instant, from an unknown Formula E driver, he became the most valuable piece of the Formula One market.

De Vries courted by the Red Bull group

for years associated with mercedes The 27-year-old can pass for immediate effect under the care Helmut Marko Who, even, would have called him to Graz for a one-on-one interview, far from prying eyes and the pressures of the press.

Nick de Vries (ANSA Pictures)
Nick de Vries (ANSA Pictures)

Even if some give it besides signing with Alps , Others near the Alpha Tauri see it just in case Pierre Gasly She decided to close the relationship with the activist and marry the former Lusanga as an alternative to Fernando Alonso.

However, for the Snake driver, winning a first-class spot wouldn’t be a walk in the park. The difference is also evaluated. The reason is that the choice may lead to a domino effect. The competition for the Instone wheel is promising Jack DoohanAmerican talent Colton Hart and the expert Antonio Giovinazziwhile knocking Grove Logan Sargent.

My future doesn’t depend on me“Ha riconsciuto Humberto’s program on Saturday.”The Williams It may be the most logical step after keeping it for some time, but also with Alps I’ve been in touch since July. In fact I will try them next week in Budapest. As the media reported, I was in Austria to meet the Chancellor of Milton KeynesHe said proudly like an open book.

Chiuque will offer me a firm contract, and I’ll be glad to go there. We will know more in the coming days. Like I said, it’s not up to me to decide“He continued his lead foot.”In this world, it’s not all about one’s performance. It sure makes a difference, but it’s not a guarantee”, he considered a realist, while showing himself confident.

Recalling the astonishing twist made by the Temple of Speed, cheerful He still wants to close the class. The focus is now on building a solid 2023 with tangible potential to prove its worth.

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It was a great Italian weekend, it went by very quickly. It was like a dream that came true and ended successfully. I was back to normal on Monday afternoon. Now I’m very busy building my future, but all the congratulatory messages were something special. It’s good to have a lot of support‘, he concluded, satisfied.