Dinamo Sassari, the championship in France is a decisive test

© Photo at Dinamobasket.com

Dynamo will face a very convincing test in France in the 4-man tournament with hosts Gravelines, Paris and Orleans. Especially since the French started their tournament on September 24 and are already very far ahead in preparations.

Fresh from the Cagliari tournament, Bucchi will present themselves in the quadruple box without any players and will have to do by necessity, trying to spin the boys as much as possible, including young Pisano, who had several appearances in the last game.


He has built an excellent roster with one of the best budgets in Ligue 1, with the exception of Monaco and Asfael, with highly experienced players we have already seen in Italy. Justin Robinson, the former playmaker of Pisaro, who would return with Rebesa and long-time Jaguan Johnson, has a talented long-time past from Kano to Andrea Trenchieri. Watch out for 33-year-old goalkeeper DJ Seely, who has played in top-tier teams in Europe, not least Bayern and Budoknost, and has quite respectable origins. Interesting is the Hungarian goalkeeper Pinky, who starred in the 2022 European Championship. The character of Vince Edwards, who was chosen with the number 52 from Houston in 2018, stands out in his first experience in Europe after the G League, which can be a player who can make the difference and can change the balance. Canadian coach J.D. Jackson chose Poland international strongman Olenicak. The list was completed by Gauzin, a highly talented base changer and Vafessa Fofana, the Ivorian national, the team player with distinction. They are aiming straight for the playoffs.


The French A2 title favorites, who went down in a bold fashion last season, included players from the absolute level of the category such as Lillop who won the National Cup last season, Croatian international Berkowicz and Jared Ojungbemi Jackson of the Bakken Bears. One of Cotonou’s strongest players, like Jamaican Latibudiere. They still don’t have 5 starters, they haven’t closed with the Sims seen in Italy, they’re looking for the center because Djarra hasn’t passed the medicals. Moutual, Mipoka and Kossou are very exciting changes that raise the bar. In the last tournament in Borg they lost 86-75 to Gravelines.


It’s a Euroleague team by structure, they have the nominee for France’s best player, they’re looking for another playmaker, they’re not close to ex-Nikolic Treviso but they have NBA and ex-G-League Tyron Wallace, an absolute potential goalkeeper. He could easily be a candidate for France’s Player of the Year (very close to Brescia before the return of Della Valle), as well as the group selected in 2020 by Celtics Biggarin, a very physical player. Among the pillars and captain of the American team, Dustin Silva, in the fourth season in Paris, as well as the team’s best scorer last season, Kyle Allman Jr., in the past in Viv Riga and Lavrio in Greece. Watch out for the 2001 young Kamagati blast, who was voted the best defender in Ligue 1 last season, while the powerful striker is 23-year-old Sims. There is also Axel Toubani who won the circuit with Milwaukee and touring Europe as well as in the G League, who grew up in Strasbourg, also went through Olympiacos and Malaga, a player with great talent and influence if he continues.