Does Liao’s absence weigh more than Osimhen’s absence? How would Milan and Napoli change without their stars

Sunday evening a San Siro Expected presentation of the match between Milan e Naples. The two teams dominate the Serie A standings with 14 points along withAtalanta It is likely that they will be able to compete for the title until the end.

However, two absolute stars like Victor will miss the race Osimene and Raphael Lion. Nigerian from Naples Actually he has to deal withinfection Suffered in the match against Liverpool, which will keep it outside for longer. Portuguese from MilanRather, it is not qualified After receiving a red card in the last match against Sampdoria.

Milan coach Stefano Piolispeaking of the two absences at the end of the Rossoneri’s last match, had no doubts about identification Heavier than Liao. Is it really like this? Let’s go find out.

Foto: Getty Images- Osimhen

How to change Naples without Osimhen

Let’s start with a factor that can support Bewley’s words: Naples already found alternative for absence Osimene. In fact, the Azzurri have played two-and-a-half games without him, and he still manages to score two goals since coming off the field against Liverpoolone in a very tight match against spices And three in victory over Notice.

What does the team lose? Spalletti Without the Nigerian is undoubtedly The ability to attack depth This was also seen in the Glasgow match, where the Azzurri several times in the first half struggled to build from the bottom, finding themselves forced to play. ball on the ground Because of losing the ability to try the long throw path to unleash osimin speed. So it becomes likely that Pegs Make a similar choice, trying to nip the blue game in the bud. However, Napoli have also shown that they can overcome this pressure with Quality midfielders And at that point, the spaces that could be created would really be plenty.

To be evaluated who will take over the field between raspaduri e Simeone. The first, despite the goal, suffered a lot in the match against him spices But there, the massively reworked formation had an impact on the overall performance of the Azure in general. Therefore, its selection may also exist for the purpose of limiting the reference points presented with a More mobile striker.

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How to change Milan without Liao

Everything should be evaluated instead what effect his absence would have Lion in a game Milan. In fact, the Portuguese has always played a key role so far in the Rossoneri’s start of the season between the League and the Champions League. Therefore, there is a clear realization of its importance in the game Pegs Currently, there is no well-established alternative in place considering also the lack of Rebek.

The most obvious solution is to move to the left of the European racing bomber Saele makers But surprises cannot be excluded such as, for example, moving to 4-3-3 with the addition of he ran away side by side Tonali e Bin Nasser.

Sure, we’ll see a file Milan is less vocal in attackon condition Pegs Almost his entire team’s play was often focused on performing Lion And his absence completely changes the offensive plans of the team, forcing him, most likely, to be more prudent given the poverty his attack suffered. But watch out for Ketelaere: The Belgian, the most expensive purchase of the Rossoneri summer, has not yet shone as expected and the responsibilities entrusted to him in the absence of the Portuguese may raise him and make him. more central In the Milan match compared to what we have seen so far.

Was Peuli right?

In short, there is no denying that a bit of mind a Pegs must be givenImportance who – which Lion toy clothes Milan His absence may distort his team’s game plan to a greater extent than his absence Osimene to Naples.

However, the surprise factor: Pioli options are not yet clear. The Rossoneri have never played without Liao and this may create difficulties in preparing for the match Spalletti, who should be good at sensing moves that, for now, haven’t seen the light on the pitch yet. And who knows if Pioli doesn’t surprise everyone by pissing off his team to the point of exploiting the Azzurri. So it will be one Chess game The result will only be indicated by the domain.