Dybala, Juventus are homesick, Inter miss him: Roma are dreaming

Goya hadn’t missed a match yet, as if her newfound serenity had also healed the physical problems. In Turin they thought they had lifted the burden, and the Nerazzurri retreated. and mo…

Hanin (for Juventus). Sorry (Inter fans). And the joy of Rome: the hearts of the Giallorossi fans and Mourinho’s results are enjoying. Someone like Paulo Dybala was born to excite the feelings of those who love the ball, as well as the arrangement. What he does in his first weeks in the capital brings him back to the heart of our football. After the spring of tears and the summer of tensions, a new era for Goya opened.

Meanwhile, in Rome, Dybala is playing, and this is already a surprise to some. In Turin he had frequent physical problems, and there were hints of his clothes, who questioned his athletic competence, and his ability to express himself at a high level with continuity. At the start of the season, the exact opposite happens: the Giallorossi played eight official matches and did not miss even one. He’s always been a regular starter, except for Thursday’s match against Hjk Helsinki: Mou threw him in the first half because the match was taking an annoying turn and Paulo unlocked his lock in sixty seconds.

regain serenity

It is as if, having regained serenity of soul, Dybala also regained condition and health. Body and mind go hand in hand: up or down, but together. So much so that he made a huge impact in these first eight games: he scored four goals, and made two more for his teammates. It always conveys the feeling of being able to invent something crucial; Touch the ball, it lights up, lights up as you did in the past (Juventus timing). If he performs well, it is likely that Paulo is still the best footballer in Serie A, as he did in 2020 when he was named the best player of the tournament. It’s definitely the most technical, the funniest, and the most attractive. It is no coincidence that two phenomena like Del Piero and Totti towards Gioia are equally admirable: they see their feet in hers, and their genius in her genius. Each hero is only like himself, but the great heroes smell each other, become partners, and appreciate each other.


Juventus brought him down and left him crying: about the player on his farewell day, but also from the many fans who never betrayed. In Turin, perhaps they were convinced that they had lifted the burden, they certainly considered a closed era and perhaps they too were right: you should have the strength to break away when things don’t go well. The fact is that the divorce, so far, Dybala has come out much better. However, it is not the Juventus players who are most upset by the birth of the new Dybala; They are above all nostalgia, not moodiness or anger. On the other hand, it was very painful to see the Argentine Inter fans in such wonderful conditions with the Roma shirt, because the Nerazzurri practically took him. Everything was decided, the playmaker chose Inter, and waited for a long time for the club’s status to be decided: he had a fountain pen in his hand, he just wanted to sign the contract. But the options were different. The focus was first on Lukaku, an unexpected and unusual return but on loan, a move valid for one year only. Then Chang wanted at least one of the other non-transferable strikers to be sold: via Dzeko or Correa, or else Dybala wouldn’t be sold. In the end, he got tired of training alone, and he bet everything on Roma. Leave nostalgia and regret on the road. You will sow joy.