Exclusive TJ – For everything Bernardeschi: “I will always support Juventus, I gave everything for this shirt. With the strongest CR7 in Europe, that is what is missing today. And in Toronto…”

Every player lives a dream of being part of a group of champions and aspires to win important titles. Federico Bernardeschi He did it in the Juventus shirt and, as we saw during our interview, he enjoyed every second of these five years. Our editorial team on the other side of the ocean joined him, exclusively, to talk about his current experience in Toronto and, of course, about his past with the Juventus shirt:

Let’s start from the end and from your current experience, what convinced you to accept Toronto?

“The decision was the result of what I saw and touched on a visual level two months ago. They made me understand the project and the great ambition that exists, football here in America is already growing. Other performances, I thought it was time to come for a change. I am convinced it was the best option I could have. I take it, I’m very happy with that.”

What are your goals?

“I came here to try to win like I did in Europe, there is a lot of desire on my part and the project is really into it. It is clearly never easy to win, and it never will be. As I see myself between 5/10 I don’t ask that question to myself I’m a guy who thinks a lot about the present and every day. I never go further. I hope TFC is the best for me and my family.”

Did you expect such a high continuity from the point of view of perception? In 10 matches in Toronto, she scored the same goals (8) from 2017 to 2022 with Juventus.

“Honestly, I was expecting it, even if I take the penalties here, which is another chance to score. I’ve always had goals in my legs and I’ve never missed them, but at Juventus I would put individuality aside to put myself aside. Serve the team. I thought about the collective result more than Personal “.

Why did you leave Fiorentina in 2017, once a big title and fan idol, to go to Juventus to play for your place the year before the World Cup in Russia? What motivated you to move?

“For personal ambition, because moving to a top European club at the age of 23 is every footballer’s dream. At Juventus I would have the chance to win trophies, play with great champions and become one of them. It was really a lot. Exciting.”

For the fans, the best match you played with Juventus is undoubtedly the one you played with Atlético in March 2019. Do you agree?

“Yes for sure, I think it will be for many, many years in the history of football. It was a crazy comeback, in front of our fans, against a great team. There was incredible energy, I still remember every moment.. Only that year did we manage to win the Champions League.” Europe, in 2018/19 we were the strongest in Europe.”

Perhaps there will be some regret the following year as well, because Leon really seemed to be able to be at your level.

“Yes, unfortunately in those years they were eliminated more because of our fault than the opponent. With Ajax there were two or three episodes that could have been avoided in the first leg and in the second leg, and then there was Lyon and the penalty kick: even in these circumstances things didn’t work out for me. It’s okay. We made a few mistakes, and no team in those years knocked us out of the Champions League as the best.”

Was it difficult to change three coaches and so many philosophies of the game in three years?

“It wasn’t heavy, when you change it is because there is a search for a new identity. In recent years, in my opinion, that’s what we’ve been missing a little bit, as well as continuity. In the winning cycle it was precisely continuity that was the strong point for the Bianconeri first with Conte and then with Allegri, and then lately I failed. That’s my thinking.”

Dry Question: Best Scudetto?

“Sure the first, but the second was also very nice. Because you got out on the pitch and was happy to do it, you knew the strength of the team and all its staff. Not only the owners were strong, all the team members were strong. Pink. It’s really nice to train, A real “fantastic” year.

Do you think you showed all your values ​​at Juventus?

“I really think that I gave everything for the Juventus shirt. I may have sacrificed some personal things, but I put 100% at the disposal of my teammates, coach and club. The black and white shirt, as well as the national team shirt, it was heavy especially in the beginning, when the environment is new and you have to Getting into the mechanisms. But the moment you start to integrate and have that kind of mindset, the pressure is no longer as strong.”

The second dry question: Would you have stayed at Juventus?

“No, my journey is over. Juventus has finished an important cycle and is now reopening a new one. For me, that’s fine.”

Will you follow Juventus tonight with Benfica?

“I always follow them and will cheer for them at Benfica, so I hope they are the same team as always. Looking at them from the outside and not from the inside, I know how hard it is for these players to make sure the matches go a certain way. Whoever is in the outside world, only sees 90 Minute, but not just there. There is the work all of them do during the week and every training, all the sweat that spills and the sacrifices they make. Their goal is always to make them win Juventus and delight the fans, that’s the reward. Unfortunately you don’t always see that. I’ve had it From the inside and I know what it means to not be able to win two or three games in a row, the players feel angry throughout the match. That is the mentality of Juventus.”

Thanks to Federico Bernardeschi and Toronto Fc Press Officer, Alejandra Rueda, for allowing this interview to take place.