Exemption? Juventus insists with Allegri

Turin – compactness To find a way out together. As Massimiliano said, Allegri No Captain Leonardo Bonucci After the defeat to Benfica, a few words, but a lot work. Because it is pointless to try to understand what is happening to Juventus: persons directly involved cannot give themselves an explanation for such poor performance, constant interruption, inability to respond when a goal is conceded or lack of sarcasm to secure the outcome, while instead fans Pictures of the team against the Portuguese in the Champions League or against Salernitana, in Genoa against Sampdoria or in Florence against Viola in the League, impressed well.

What Juventus is missing

Missing testI miss the physicalThe PersonalI miss the Game. everyone under to treat, from the coach to the players, but even the company is not immune to criticism: in these situations, unity of purpose is more necessary than ever for management to support the coach’s work to improve the team’s fortunes. One thing is for sure: for now park bench in Allegri non inside balanced. in different summit In Continassa, the exemption option has not been considered: the Allegri project, which was adopted last summer when, continues lambs He handed the keys to Juventus with a contract until 2025. But now, the Livorno coach has a great responsibility to get the team back on the right track, which is still possible in the league, which is more difficult in Europe.

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Allegri: “The only thing you need now is work”

first interventions

I received Interventions They will be on condition Athletics: Opponents run more while the Bianconeri are hit by muscle problems that reduce the squad available to Allegri forcing those who are healthy to overtime, resulting in fewer changes, more tired players and more injured players. To overcome this vicious circle, more space will be given to Giovanni AndreiniCoordinator of all areas related to team performance, who will interact with the technical and medical staff.

Allegri’s mission

Allegri Instead, it is called to giveidentification From the game to Team: He also likes to repeat, simple actions, not flight, but concrete, clarity, and above all, thoughts. Frequently, the Bianconeri were seen swinging without knowing who was passing the ball to him, and more often there was a lack of vertical position or an inability to break through the opposing lines. The team has quality, and you have to put them in a position to outsource. Of course, absences are many and important (from Pogba to Chiesa) but it should not be an excuse to justify guilt. And it will always be up to Technical soak Confidence For players who require the cooperation of senators in the locker room: the team must be encouraged and face their responsibilities. Because, in the end, those who enter the field are the players who often lack proper motivation and focus. There is no place for memory lossslipping or nervous, the Bianconeri must take out Letter. And to do that it is needed ConcentrationAnd the Request And a lot work.

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