F1 – Ferrari 2022: Tests and developments on the next championship circuit

Ferrari e F1Two distinct entities united by an inextricable bond. However, the world’s victories fade into the mists of time. Pointing the finger is very simple, and perhaps when you think about it, it also seems to be true. “Cavallino Rampante lacks anything to win: He waved the phrase a few times over the years. Well… Think about it, that statement sounds like utter nonsense. Yes, because the salutary deficiencies of the title at stake are many. In fact, quite a lot.

However, today’s writings do not intend to dwell on this issue. But he will seek to discuss the work the boys have done Maranello. To do this, in short, it is useful to start from a fixed point where you generate chaos GES: Ferrari Fills eyes with the victories of others. A scenario that unfortunately collides badly with longing as long as it seems so elusive, it seems.

Formula 1: Ferrari’s technical department knows its stuff

Useless: The adjective time is often associated with the historical Modenese. Nothing more wrong. Ineffectiveness related to results cannot and should not nullify artistic projects produced in Emilia Romania. The ability to put a competitive car on the track is there. Existing. The only thing missing is knowing how to manage it in 360 degrees.

However, psychic skills fail in the strategic side, the “leading” of this glorious Team. Not to mention the inability to communicate regarding the facts to which must be added constant prostration towards judgment (Take a look here to find out more), a very peculiar item given the perks an Italian ivory can have.

We said the technical department knows how to do it. Only the latest guide came Monza. Brianza’s path contrasts with the characteristics of F1-75. Still, disappointment on the sidelines gran prize Italy edition 2022It certainly shouldn’t be related to the workgroup. On the contrary, the men in red showed great courage.

Actions performed during free practice fixed the cars, and I managed to get to the best version of them in qualifying. While in the race, Red Bull’s excessive power is insurmountably reused. This goes beyond the aerodynamic configuration.

Rear wing version to be used by the historic Scuderia Ferrari at Monza

At Monza, the Ferrari was too lowMany have said and written it. But if the study of the data leads to this choice, It means the old saying performance It could have been reached through that precision Accommodation. Otherwise, no doubt, with the help of telemetry and simulation, he would have bet on one of them down force Larger. Element, it is clear that during the round he did not confer advantages greater than those obtained.

Same message for Sunday. Although the relay setting would have allowed for better tire management, at the same time it would obviously have limited top speeds. More than a decisive factor in obtaining chronometer results at the peak of the Brianza route.

The great deterioration that red shows towards motor racing cars is not a matter of preparation. Rather, it must be attributed to certain evidence, such as layoutLast but not least, vehicle characteristics The TD039 directive is of interest. We talked about it in depth hereAnd the With custom technical analysis Available at this link.

F1: False Ferrari development

technicians Maranello They did not spoil the developments, they simply stopped producing them for a while. This is information collected from sources within the ring From FUnoAnalisiTecnica. In fact, to be even healthier, thanks to the organizational chart used over the past season, most of the efforts made are aimed at next year.

The words of the circumstance that I impart to her john Elkanpresident FerrariWe aim to win by 2025They have only one goal: to deceive themselves as much as possible competitor. The goal is actually only one: Demolition of competition as soon as possible, see next year

The comparative tests conducted over the past few months on different parts of the car are aimed at correcting the performance of the car and, much more importantly, at the same time, Laying the foundation for future mechanical engineering artworks to be mobilized a Maranello.

So we must see, during the remaining World Championship events, Many small aerodynamic improvements. The purpose is to understand, by stealing the sentence from Mattia Binotto. Cross-working that will allow different concepts to be tested on the track that were later used on an heir that is still excellent F1-75.

F1: La Ferrari power unit convince

Mid-season reliability issues have been resolved. Exhaust valves and a hybrid system made some freaks. The rise in temperatures that occurred in different contexts caused “fires” and mechanical breakdowns. Headache resolved, everything went smoothly.

Latest specifications used since then Spa-Francorchamps convinced. The approach has been very conservative since then Belgium on me. just in ItaliaIn fact, the hybrid turbo unit has been put under stress. Support superior motorcycle generators and increase efficiency. The appointments attest to that South Oil Company (Charging case) used in racing much more.

The 2022 Italian power unit that powers two Ferrari F1-75s

Another one is missing a step to be checked soon, It is very useful to realize whether the reliability of the 066/7 engine will be complete. The increase in performance is represented by Also through the interesting reduction in weight obtained through the use of specific materials. Not to forget a bunch of horses more useful to the cause.

The Energy lonliness It will be restricted by regulations until the end of the 2025 season. Therefore, all necessary trims are essential to ensure the engine runs without problems. The side that would severely crumble with the longing he dreams about.

F1. Ferrari is studying the Red Bull box

As we indicated through technical analysis yesterday, the engineers of Maranello They suggested a more linear version of the F1-75 when compared to Red Bull. In sharp contrast, therefore, the complicity was observed several times on Austrian racing cars.

The crossbar is an essential part of the payload output that can be developed with a single seat. A study of the flows directed to the rear of the car revealed several possible improvements Which, little by little, will modify the current version to increase the performance and capacity Adjust.

Fondue Red Bull RB18

Although the “simplicity” of the specification in question undoubtedly revealed a less realism than RB18The possibilities for development on the Modena are many. The topic we are working hard on is key to the present and the future.

bright mind Adrian newAn expert on ground influence, he has created a vehicle capable of making the most of concepts associated with the new art organization philosophies. Veray watches, learns and implements.

F1. Ferrari and 18 inch Pirelli

Understanding the workings of the new surfaces by heart certainly wasn’t easy. I tire Management It stands out as one of the points to pay attention to accurately. In the first part of the tournament this topic did not raise special concerns, a circumstance that only appeared during the tournament. To take care of vehicles in the best possible way, red should work with certain heights from the ground.

The optimal window for using frames, as described at length on our pages, Underwent significant “sizing” as directed by TD039. On the other hand, the consequences are there for all to see. This is why one of the ongoing investigations is specifically related to the mere administration of complex.

The goal is to expand the range a job Domain To disengage it from the completed settings that, although they mitigate deterioration, at the same time negatively affect the overall performance of the car. The great maneuvers have begun, we just have to wait…

author: Alessandro Arcari -berrageiz

picture: Tweet embed – Scuderia Ferrari