F1, in danger at Monza? There are details that everyone forgets

The Monza race has provided show and controversy, even off the track. The FIA ​​threatened to leave, but the reality is only one.

I GP of Italy From F1 ended with many controversy about The safety car that practically prevented a thrilling conclusion Which gave victory anyway to the strongest driver, that driver Max Verstappen Who is now in less than a month in Singapore, with some joints, could already graduate with five races to spare, world champion again. The Ferrariwaiting for a defensive race at Monza after a complicated period, it became very competitive again But she had to give up Red Bull And the Dutch, not with any regrets.

Circuit Monza (ANSA)

Despite everything, the Brianza weekend as always met expectations, with plenty of shows on and off the track. A show that has already been in serious jeopardy in the previous weeks, due to Legal issue affecting the fan zone at Monza.

A story that started in August With the first stop at temporary installations (Padel Fields, go-kart track and food and wine stalls) due to Violation of urban planning regulations and landscaping restrictions. Only a few days later, the works were released by the investigating judge after a conference with all the bodies involved, from the municipality of Monza to a consortium to manage the park located within the fan zone. But on the Wednesday before the game, here is a new development with a new takeover request for the area, which, however, has not been validated by the coroner. It was only on Thursday, a few hours after the first free practice, that the area was once again available for business to complete.

This is a story that upset the leaders of the FIA, which since the beginning of the year has been struggling with great difficulties with some historical circuits, such as Monaco and Spa, and Monza is no exception. for this reason Stefano DomenicaliWith somewhat harsh overtones, he noted that the waiting list to become part of F1 is long and that the long history of some tracks like Monza (which this year celebrated its centenary) is not a sufficient item to say they will always be part of the calendar. It is clear that the phrase froze the blood of many fans of Formula One, and not only Italians.

Formula 1, this is why Monza (almost) said goodbye to Utopia

The whole system must understand that GP needs investments, so that both fans and teams can get the most out of the event. We try to make Grand Prix racing a unique and different experience. There are issues with Monza and they need to be resolved and the GP’s request in the calendar should ensure that everyone raises the standard‘, Domenicali’s message to historic circuits such as Monza, Spa, Monaco, and it is thus clear: Making Formula One history is not enough to survive. True words, but the reality is also another. This means that without history, your product is not worth much.

The spectacle of the tracks and the enthusiasm of the fans in these episodes every year makes the difference. So much so that, whether you like it or not, for commercials and images on the web, the most “promoted” are those tracks that made F1 history. And anyway, these practitioners make the difference every season. Watch Monza, which after registering 200,000 registrations in 2019 this year went even further with nearly 350,000 spectators for the entire weekend (including free practice, qualifying and racing) with an induced sum of close to 250 million euros.

Not to mention the numbers on the TV. Monza race on Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport UNO e Sky Sports 4K It was watched by one million and 406 thousand average spectators with a share of 11.7% and 2 million and 234 thousand unique spectators, while on TV8 3 million and 375 thousand average spectators with a share of 28.2% and 5.792 million unique spectators. In total, the average audience was 4 million 781 thousand spectators with a share of 39.9%.

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then? Everything is true, that even historical episodes have to move and renew themselves (Monza has a 70 million plan ready), but the truth is that Formula 1 cannot do without it for its charm, the attraction of the audience and its sponsors. Get leads every year. With all due respect to those who pay to enter the circus.