F1. Is it really rare for a GP to end up with a safety car system? Here are the antecedents – Formula 1

The Italian Grand Prix final caused quite a stir. But is it really that rare for a Formula 1 race to end under Safety Car?

September 20 2022

Thea Italian Grand Prix concludes at Monza under safety car system It caused a sensation, especially from the spectators who flocked to the Temple of Speed ​​in Brianza. But Is it really rare for a Formula 1 race to end in a draw? From 1999 to today, ten races have ended this way. The first in history was Canadian Grand Prix 23 years ago. A race remembered above all because it gave life to the legend of the Wall of Champions, which that year claimed illustrious victims.

DrAmon Hill, Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve hit the wall at the iconic Turn 13, but it was A Heinz-Harald Frentzen turn 3 collision resulted in the fourth safety car of this racedestined to last until the end of the race, Venta da Mika Hakkinen. To find another general practitioner completed under the safety car system, it is necessary to make the leap for ten years, go to The first race of 2009, the Australian Grand Prixand conclude with One two for Brawn GP, Introduction to Cinderella’s story of that world championship. The accident between Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica, two laps after the finish, led to the entry of the safety car into the circuit.

salways in 2009in MonzaAnd the Lewis Hamilton went to the wall On the last lap while he was in third place, causing the safety car system. Rubens Barrichello on that day took his last win of his career as well as his last Brown GP victory. to me Monaco in 2010Fu United Nations The accident between Jarno Trulli and Karun Chandhoek It caused the safety car to enter the track. On that occasion, there were controversies due to Michael Schumacher overtaking Fernando Alonso at the end of the last lap, after the safety car returned to the pits. The German was given a 20-second penalty for maneuvering before the demarcation line was allowed to be crossed.

Ito 2012 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix It is definitely imprinted in the minds of Ferrari fans. Fernando Alonso’s global hopes were dashed at that time Paul de Resta crash Two laps from the end of the race. Sebastian Vettel’s sixth place was enough to secure a third world title. Instead, he had great timing Daniel Ricciardo at the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix. He grabbed the lead over Nico Rosberg on the lap before that Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa touched each other in turn 1, causing the safety car to enter during the last session.

TheThe following year, a Shanghai, The Max Verstappen’s car initially abandoned him straight away Two laps from the end of the race. Lewis Hamilton was behind the safety car, winning the Grand Prix, ahead of his teammate, Rosberg. The last two occasions occurred before Monza 2022 where the safety car entered at the end of the two races the two seas. In the 2019two Renault Nico Hulkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo They retired by four laps due to technical issues that caused the safety car to enter. And in this case, too, Hamilton won. as well as in 2020When the safety car entered the track with three laps, because of the engine Racing Point at Sergio PerezSilent, in a cloud of smoke and flame.

IIn short, Monza’s case is not unique, but only rare. Undoubtedly, the attitude of the Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, who would have had an extra chance at the end of the race, influenced the public’s judgment regarding what happened at the Italian Grand Prix. But The safety car is not a tool to suppress the show, but an ally to ensure safety on the track. It is possible to discuss the delay in the decision to question the matter at Monza, but not about the procedure applied according to the sporting regulations. Any changes can only be made with the agreement of the teams, and the teams did not reach an agreement after Abu Dhabi 2021. It remains to be seen if this new controversy leads to any changes.