F1, Leclerc and Sainz will have to make way for a new Ferrari driver

At the end of the season, the Scuderia will also give the young Ferrari Drivers Academy the opportunity to take to the track: the team is evaluating who to leave in the Austin seat.

F1 is looking to the future with many young drivers stealing the show. At Monza, the spotlight went to Formula 2 champion and Formula E champion Nick de Vries, who replaced Alexander Albon. The Dutchman took advantage of the opportunity at Williams, and did a real miracle in qualifying and establishing himself in the top ten as well in the race. The wonderful ninth place that sent a clear message to everyone. A circus must be available to talented driversand not paying drivers who dream of being someone like Mazepin or Latifi.

Ferrari Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc (ANSA)

The two will be remembered, in different ways, as the sons of a father who did more harm than anything else. Mazepine, between one scandal and another, was fired by Hass on the pretext of the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The Russian found himself out of the game after a million investments and was replaced by Kevin Magnussen. Ready to go, the Dane immediately took back important points for the American team. Latifi, on the occasion of the Italian Grand Prix, suffered another humiliation in his career. De Vries outperformed him, despite not being familiar with Grove’s wing. The Canadian is unfortunately known for the Abu Dhabi 2021 episode that reopened the global feud between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Tomorrow he will not remember anything else. Just give De Vries space.

Oscar Piastre, another Formula 2 winner, in which Albin and McLaren competed. In the end, Woking won, and in 2023, they will form a very young team. Oscar and Lando are undoubtedly the future. On the other hand, Red Bull Racing continues to invest in the academy and you can coddle a phenomenon like Max Verstappen. The 1997 class is preparing for a second consecutive World Championship. Mercedes has charted the new course with the inclusion of George Russell who, at least for the time being, is overshadowing the seven-time world champion like Lewis Hamilton. In 2019 and 2020, he was very young Charles Leclerc did the same at Ferrari with four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. It is life, the new outweighs the old, with very few exceptions. The FDA proudly represents Monaco, but it is always important to keep an eye on the future.

Ferrari, what a chance for the Russians

Robert Schwartzman, Ferrari’s current test driver and third driver, should have the chance to sit in F1-75 for his first free practice in Austin. For the Russians that would be very interesting. The young man, born in 1999, will take the test with an Israeli license using his dual passport. The driver has already tested the Ferrari SF21 in the past at Mugello, and completed 130 laps. After winning the title in F3 in 2019, thanks to three wins and six more podiums, the driver is set by Prema to fight for the crown in Formula 2, alongside Mick Schumacher. The Russian was victorious at Spielberg and the following weekend at Hungary. The first part of the season was very positive, going head-to-head with Calum Ilot. F1, great salute to Enzo Ferrari: All fans are excited.

When everything seemed to be going in the right direction, his performance dropped dramatically, ending up behind Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott and Yuki Tsunoda. In 2021, Robert was not able to keep up with Oscar Piastre. The Australian was crowned champion with several races remaining, while the Russian from the Food and Drug Administration took second place in the standings, claiming two victories and climbing the podium on six other occasions. Certainly in his two years in F2, he hasn’t been bad, but he hasn’t shown much regularity either. In 2022, Schwartzman decided not to compete, for the third year in a row, in the F1 preparatory class. However, there is a real risk that it will once again remain off the circus grid again in 2023. Ferrari have renewed Sainz and Leclerc until 2024 and there does not seem to be any scope for including the driver, who was born in Israel and then grew up in St Petersburg. Formula 1, Briatore demolishes Ferrari: His criticism is too harsh.

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Posted by Laurent Mekies Racing News 365: “For us he will lead, but we haven’t decided what grand prix that will happen. Obviously we wouldn’t choose weekends like Singapore or races where the starting drivers need to do more laps. I don’t think we’ll have any problems doing that on any of the weekends that we’ll also have Pirelli tests.“. It will be the Russian’s first chance in Austin, as also reported by Motorsport. After working hard on emulating Cavallino, and contributing to the development of F1-75, he will be able to shake off the complacency of being out on the track in his first free practice sessions in the US.