F1 Monza, Ferrari is back as a team, even without the last lap

The race at home helped Cavallino regroup the group and rediscover the team spirit that allows us to look forward to 2023 with confidence.

Gianluca Gasparini

– Milan

Even F1 now has its commutative property, as in mathematics: the factors change, but the result does not. The controversial final in Abu Dhabi last December, where the final round allowed Max Verstappen to win the world championship, cost the seat to then race director Michael Massey. It seemed to be of little use, in terms of clarity in the role. At Monza, a finale that could have given the full excitement of the 150,000 fans who invaded the racetrack turned into a disappointing parade with the yellow flag displayed for the last 5 laps, due to an error in launching the safety car after driver Riccardo McLaren stopped. . And the inability at that point – due to the bug – to probably display the red flag and try to give everyone (even those who didn’t fight for victory) a last-ditch from the Grand Prix. Just like what happened in the Emirates in 2021, as if time and experience knew nothing. The score may not have changed, Max Verstappen still wins with a huge advantage.

Evidence of pride

But Ferrari is looking at Monza GB He deserved the chance to play the dream of pure adrenaline ride to experience the thrill. In Cavallino, after disappointments in Belgium and the Netherlands, evidence of pride was asked. If possible, error-free. The answer has arrived. Not strong enough to let red win: Red Bull, at least Max, had another pace in the race and was well known. But it was a sufficient response to get Ferrari back where it needs to be, and where it needs to stay, at this final stage of the season. this time Binotto and his men They did everything they had to do, from free practice on Friday to reach the beautiful (and real!) Pole for Leclerc on Saturday and finally to a race led by Charles and partner Carlos Sainz with the courage and all the talent they have. Even on a strategic level, the red wall shouldn’t blame itself for anything: Monaco’s early stop, in light of the world champion’s rhythm, marks the right attempt to clear the cards while waiting for a safety car per second. part of the GP. Which, look, has also arrived …

compactness and confidence

The truth is that Monza, with the passion that only local racing can give – from this historic home – has served Ferrari above all to reconfigure the group and rediscover the team spirit that allows us to look forward with essential confidence. A view of the year 2023. A weekend that began with John Elkann’s interview with this newspaper two days ago, and is important to give continuity to a work that began long ago and is still in progress. It ended up being a ruthless attack on Binotto which, after the race, didn’t really send her to say. In contrast to the kind of resignation that was carried after Spa and Zandvoort. There is still life on the red planet. And you are the GP to leave your mark.