F1: Sergio Perez victim of Red Bull RB18 – Formula 1 . slimming treatment

What happens to Sergio Perez? The answer to this question comes by analyzing the results of the weight loss treatment to which the RB18 . was exposed

September 16, 2022

TIn late May and early June, someone came to think so Sergio Perez can undermine Max Verstappen In the fight for the world championship. about win the Monaco Grand Prix, At the end of a weekend race where his teammate wasn’t fast enough. And then another show was framed in Baku, an occasion when, as in the principality, he managed to beat the world champion in qualifying, even if he could not win the race.

cor hindsight, It’s a good thing for Perez that his two-year renewal with Red Bull was signed at that time. Because shortly thereafter, his performances began to resemble those that cost relegation to the first division to Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat more than the performance of the second mentor capable of making a difference in the constructors’ championship. In the past few races, it was The confrontation with Verstappen has become merciless, with huge gaps both in qualifying and in the flying lap. The performance gap between Milton Keynes’ pilots has become so wide that conspiracy theorists are suggesting something is fishy. But what really happened to Sergio Perez?

sTo understand this, we need to understand what happened to RB18, the protagonist of a remarkable evolution. The correct signal in Monza came from Max Verstappen, who showed how, using slimming care Set a few months ago, his car has Lost “extra weight in the wrong places”. An excess of “flab” does nothing – underlining Max – more than causing a A very unwelcome side effect on the Dutchman, weaker. Max, in fact, prefers to have one seat a little more than necessary, so that the front and rear are precisely controlled by reaching the limit, without going over it at all. With the RB18’s weight reduced – well above the minimum payload at the start of the year – Red Bull was able to withstand the redistribution of weight, in favor of a more refined front.

e If the absence of Verstappen satisfies, it is not so for Perez, whose driving preferences conflict with those of Verstappen. Did Red Bull simply choose his number one preference? Technical Director of Milton Keynes Stable, Pierre Wash, In Monza he left him. “It is not intentional for development to favor Max”He was keen to point out. The truth is, the RB18’s evolution has taken a more performance lane, with a precision front that matches well with both new regulations and 18-inch Pirelli tires. It must be emphasized that champions are able to adapt their leadership even for individual seats far from their preferences.

“The problem – reflects Waché – is his confidence in balance, which with development has moved away from his preferences.” But how can this be resolved? “It is not easy to put him in a position to express himself at his best. We have to find a way to make him competitive, but we will lose some performance to satisfy him“.a difficulty arising from the complexity of “using installation-related tools to adjust the vehicle’s balance” to correct the behavior of a single seat was developed to ensure specific performance in conditions that Perez cannot handle.

TheIn short, a patch is almost worse than a hole. And if this isn’t a problem in the season Red Bull is now pawning on the part of drivers and manufacturers, it could become an issue in the next few years. The risk of Milton Keynes again deploying an ineffective one-point attack cannot be ruled out, Given that the direction of the car for 2023 is set. And illustrious precedents show that At Red Bull, you can never be sure of your position. Unless your name is Max Verstappen, Alpha and Omega for the team.