Feelings of Quiñonez, best youngster in A1

The news – that is, she was elected the best young woman in A1 women’s basketball – learned “when I was in school” and made her day all the more special and exciting. Everyone at La Molisana Magnolia Basket was satisfied because Blanca Quiñones, the young striker from Ecuador, despite only sixteen years old, was a true “perpetual motion” within the rossoblù group with her typical South American exhilaration and liveliness.

The passing phase on her part, however, after more than a few hours, still feels the exhilaration she had already experienced «when I was in school and learned the news. Knowing this award made me feel happy and content. It is a confession that gives more strength to the path that I follow and that is still waiting for me. For my part, there is a great desire to continue serious training to improve myself and make my technical background wider ».

The intense summer after all – over the past three years – the South American player has shown that she has never diminished her tendency to face every date as best she can. Not the least of which is the summer that has dedicated her to another Nba/Wnba campus in Atlanta and South America with Ecuador’s first national team in Argentina.
“Every experience – he explains later – always leaves you something inside because it allows you to learn other aspects of the discipline of basketball. In fact, these are not everyday events, so we have to live them trying to absorb all the beneficial aspects in their perspective.”

USA…and staying particular, Quinnions’ tone of voice gets even more intense when the reference goes to an Atlanta date.
“The campus is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful events of the past summer. You have done well and achieved interesting results, and I hope there are other possibilities to call the meeting,” he explains.

Seasonal Goals Next, predicting what will be his third season in Techfind Serie A1, he’s live. “My goal? I will try in no uncertain terms to continue to prove my privacy, taking advantage of every moment I will be in court to prove my qualities ».

Desirable for youngsters in particular, after being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the last U19 finals in Battipalia, this bid – for Quiñones – must pass through Russopley’s custody. “The world of youth training is one of my priorities. We can (and want) with my comrades to keep working hard. Doing well on this front as well would represent another important enriching experience. We have all the potential to go to the limit, for example with the under-17 team and it would be really nice to be able to celebrate winning a potential Italian title.”