Ferrari another penalty on the way? Here are the future scenarios

Ferrari may have to resort to other changes to the power unit in the upcoming races. Here are the most appropriate paths to do so.

The final rush to the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship will begin in less than two weeks in Singapore, a track that no one has competed in for three years now. The last time a Grand Prix race was held at Marina Bay Night was in 2019, when Ferrari Brought home a great gun with Sebastian Vettel first before Charles Leclerc.

Ferrari F1-75 (ANSA)

Modinez Scuderia boasts bittersweet memories on the track, given the three-stage triumph but also many interesting jokes. In 2008, Felipe Massa He was the first-ever Pullman in history in Singapore, but the race turned into a nightmare that irreparably affected his world hopes.

In fact, after the first controlled part, the Brazilian suffered a traffic light failure during a pit stop, causing him to leave the field with the fuel filler still attached. Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton He finished third and mortgaged the title, then won the last corner of the last race in Brazil.

The Ferrari She celebrated her first hit at Marina Bay in 2010, with Fernando Alonso who also scored a main, but won after a very difficult confrontation with the fastest Red Bull From Sebastian Vettel. This was a perfectly suitable track for the car from Adrian NeweyBut the Spaniard set an exciting feat by defeating him with just a tenth on the finish line.

immediately after that, The German put three hits in a rowbefore giving way to Hamilton In 2014. Cavallino’s second joy comes in the Asian citizen Vettel In 2015, the first pole composer as a driver of the red truck, after a fast of pole cruising that lasted more than three years for the home of Maranello.

Sebastian was the perfect interpreter for this race, who managed to dominate it from start to finishuntil crossing the finish line by a good margin on Red Bull From Daniel Ricciardo. In 2016 it was mercedes From Nico Rosberg to spend the spoils, while Hamilton He was the owner of the next two years.

2017 was another difficult day for Reed, with Vettel Who took control of the qualifications before finding himself involved in terrible starting karma, also paying the price Kimi Raikkonen With other Italian single-seater seats, along with Max Verstappen. Hamilton Profit and place a mortgage on the title, on one of the darkest Sundays in the history of Modinez Scuderia.

Path properties should smile to red This year, but the exponential growth of Red Bull It doesn’t leave you quiet about the October 2nd date. Important technology innovations will arrive in both the F1-75 and RB18, with Cavallino bringing the latest seasonal developments to Mexico. On this path there could be other news, not very positive Leclerc e Carlos Sainz.

Ferrari, then the next penalty kicks will arrive

The title is long gone at Ferrari, due to a number of factors. First of all, strategic mistakes, even if reliability played its part. Charles Leclerc He practically lost 50 points between Barcelona and Baku, two races they seemed to have won and escaped due to the failure of the power unit.

In Austria, the multiplier he had at hand was lost, due to the explosion of the entire engine sector on his red car a few laps from the end, just as he was getting rid of Red Bull From Max Verstappen. Lots and lots of problems that got in the way of the dream world, even if it must be said that from Belgium onwards there was also a lack of performance.

On the penalty frontThe Ferrari They have already paid the fees on several occasions. Leclerc The first suffered in Canada, where he was forced to shoot from below, as also happened in Belgium. Signs He landed at Monza and before that in France, making a fantastic comeback that brought him one step closer to the podium.

Modines’ Scuderia record holders are almost certain to suffer a similar fate in the latter part of the season, and the most adopted tracks appear to be those of Austin and Mexico City. There was talk a few times about the Texas track during the season, but also the track that was reintroduced into the calendar in 2015 allows you to overtake with ease thanks to a very long straight start.

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It’s almost impossible for the Reds to go into penalty shootouts in Singapore or Japan, as the Suzuka track is the only one on the calendar with a single DRS zone. What is certain is that it will be necessary to limit the damage and try to win a few races, hoping to prepare for next season in the best possible way.