Ferrari debut for Robert Schwartzman

As Maranello fans wowed with the launch of the Ferrari Purosangue, the Prancing Horse’s racing division made a big announcement. In fact, the driver who will make his Formula 1 debut has officially become in the past few hours, a certain name already known to fans due to an interesting approach, despite his young age.

Robert Schwartzman on track with Ferrari

It’s a few hours ago news that Robert Schwartzman He will soon ascend to the Ferrari F1-75. The first taste of the track has been scheduled for the Formula 1 race weekend of the United States Grand Prix, which will be held On October 21st on the Austin track. To confirm everything, it was the same Scuderia di Maranello who announced the novelty with an impassioned tweet.

So, for the young Russian driver, this will be his first opportunity of a certain weight to be able to show off, driving a Ferrari, in some way the perfect tool to be able to prove his worth, perhaps not immediately, to win the place of “owner”. On the other hand, it is a further confirmation of the appreciation of the Ferrari Drivers Academy and team principal Mattia Binotto, who in recent days has praised him with these words.

“Robert is a great driver. Every time he’s driven a Formula 1 car, he’s been very fast. […] It’s very, very strong with F1It’s a shame he doesn’t have a place in the race now. He’s worked a lot this season on the simulator, helping our team develop the current car. I think he has improved as a driver, developed his skills and is more mature today, even compared to last year, so I think he is a driver who deserves a seat.”

Who is Robert Schwartzman?

Thanks to his role as a test driver for Maranello, Robert Schwartzman has won this coveted seat aboard Ferrari F1-75, but not just for that. Just think of that 23-year-old last season Finished 2nd in the F2 Championshipafter his previous fourth overall, in which he took four wins, more than anyone else.

But the winning things are a long-standing matter for Robert Schwartzman, who already at the age of five took his first win in the Easykart Internation Grand Final and often went on to excel in the following years in various karting competitions. After that, the young Russian driver won the Formula Toyota Championship in 2018 and the Formula 3 Championship the following year, but he had already since 2017 been under the leadership of Ferrari Drivers Academy.

It is therefore no mystery that the Prancing Horse Organization strongly believes in the potential of Robert Schwartzman. And a chance to prove his worth, and finally one drive Ferrari (here for price list)Represents the correct recognition of young people. We’ll just have to wait for free practice at the US Grand Prix, scheduled in just over a month, to see him in action.