Football. Today’s Women’s World Cup Italy flies to New Zealand

A proposal sparked by the Rugby World Cup hosted by New Zealand, and in the adult field, after two men’s expeditions (1987 and 2011), it is up to Azzurre to try to climb to the cup starting from a year of wonders and the fifth place in the standings thanks to the recent victory in Biella over France.
The unstated goal is to move into the living, an illusion so far for males. Yesterday the presentation at Olimpico where Giovanni Malago (Kone) and Vito Cozzoli (Sport and Health) launched the adventure against Ver Vice President Giorgio Morelli who made his 87 World Cup debut as a player with President Innocente.

Today, 32 girls selected by Andrea de Giandomenico will travel to New Zealand where they will face the United States in their first three group matches on October 9 in the Maori heart of Whangarei. With the United States closely following in the standings and Canada at the top of fourth, Japan completed the Bowl in 13th but recently managed to beat Ireland illustrates their absence from the cup eliminated at Parma last year promoted directly to the Azzurri. . The other two matches will be played in Auckland on October 16 (Canada) and October 23 (Japan).

The suggestion leads us to say that Azzurra’s voyage refers to 1987 due to the amateur’s professional standing, which was rectified only a few months earlier by a trophy aiming scholarship.
But it’s closer to what it was in 2011 by Parisse & co. , because it has many players in European clubs and is the result of modern rugby, for its professionalism, training methods and even exposure to the media. Fans will watch all the matches thanks to Rai that announced, yesterday, the rights to this World Cup and next year’s Men’s Cup in France, as well as to Sky.
Two of the novelties out of 32 of the squad (18 strikers and 14 trocars) were founded on the blocks of Valsugana (11) and Villorba (6) as well as a handful spread between France and England (7).
There are 12 Venetians by birth (only Rovigo is not represented) including new captain Elisa Giordano, 32, of Merano, for 11 years in the national team. He has served as Representative Melissa Bitoni.

Giordano got the scores from second-grandmother Manuela Forlan, who heralded a career halt after the injury she sustained in August’s first Test against Le Bleus in Nice. The woman from Trieste suffered a right knee sprain with injury to the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament. From fear and tears in the stadium. “Manuela is not on a prize trip,” the coach said. “She is recovering and the bet is to see her on the pitch. The responsibility to choose is mine.”

blue Rose. Belloni: Francesca Barro, Lucia Gay, Gaia Maris, Michela Merlot, Sarah C, Emanuela Steca, Silvia Torrani. Prostitutes: Melissa Bitoni and Vittoria Ficini. II lines of Giordana Duca, Valeria Fedrighi, Isabella Locatelli and Sara Tounesi. Third lines: Ilaria Arrighetti, Giada Franco, Elisa Giordano, Francesca Sgorbini and Beatrice Veronese. Half Scrum: Sarah Baratini and Sophia Stefan. Opening mediums: Veronica Madea and Emma Stefanen. Positions: Beatrice Campomagi, Alessa de Inca, Beatrice Rigoni and Michela Cellari. Winger and extreme: Manuela Forlan, Francesc Granzotto, Maria Magatti, Ora Mozzo, Vittoria Ostuni Minuzzi, Sofia Rolfi.