Formula 1, Hakkinen and why Ferrari failed: angry fans

Former McLaren-Mercedes world champion Mika Hakkinen has analyzed Scuderia Ferrari’s problems. The dispute in 2022 is already closed.

Ferrari is already expected to reach 2023 because the current championship has nothing to say, at least in terms of first place. Red Bull Racing is close to winning its fifth title in its history, while Max will have his second world title in a row. Now Red will have to pay attention to the arrival of Mercedes, at -35 points. Ferrari has 139 points less than Red Bull Racing It can only aim to hold the second position.

Mika Hakkinen (ANSA Photo)

Max Verstappen dominates with 335 points, after 11 season wins, ahead of second-placed Charles Leclerc at 219. The 24-year-old, in third, is behind expert Sergio Perez at 210. Both are being chased by George Russell who, except for Silverstone as he was forced into retirement has always been in the top five in all the other Grands Prix of the season. Farther, in fifth, is Carlos Sainz with 187 points, ahead of Lewis Hamilton. For Rosa, it should have been a special yearthe beginning of a miraculous journey to unlock the winning cycle, but the story told something else. Ferrari and Binotto glorify Sainz: Warning to Leclerc and Elkann?

Despite the competitive car, which had been so well built during the previous years, Ferrari was not ready to fight for the crown. The problem was not represented by “Carly” who made mistakes in some GPs, but overall they could have won more than that, had they had an experienced team behind them. The Italian team is still fragile at high levels, both psychologically and technically. Choosing to favor the performance of the new Superfast engine, over reliability, turned out to be a misconception. Austrian opponents have proven to have high performance, but also great reliability. Until he retired Mercedes on only two occasions, Russell at Silverstone and Hamilton at Spa, only due to horrific accidents. Basically, while I didn’t win a GP, I’m on the heels of the Ferrari ranking, thanks to better technical safety.

Ferrari, Hakkinen puts his finger on the wound

Besides what the drivers present to reporters, at Monza after the race, Leclerc’s face said it all. The driver no longer had any desire (rightly) to settle for second places and get paid by Verstappen. In the past few years, no matter where the Dutchman initially located, there was no story. The technical gap between the RB18 and the F1 – 75 is very clear. Moreover, Cavallino’s wall strategic mistakes have, in many cases, determined the ambitions of Ferrari’s drivers. Plus, even for mechanics, they weren’t without faults in changing tires. A paradoxical position for a team that should, in theory, open a cycle of victories. F1 You’ll Never Learn: Bianchi’s drama wasn’t enough.

Ferrari risks not winning anything even in the next few years, given the difference with Red Bull Racing. Elsewhere, ambitions and goals match perfectly, and they marry numbers willing to do anything to fight for victory. In the golden years of Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen was one of the few who could curb the Kaiser’s rise. In 1998 and 1999 Finn and Weld won an unusual rivalry with the Kaiser, one of the most exciting in recent years. Today, the bicampus is watching the circus with great interest, writing on the gate Unibet. Red’s situation is nothing short of worrying, especially after recent statements, made at Gazzetta dello Sport, by President Elkann that moved the world’s goal even further.

Ferrari has always had a lot of pressure and that’s just something they have – Mika Hakkinen analyzed – Of course, at McLaren we also felt pressure to compete for the winAnd to do our best, we don’t feel complacent if we don’t win. But Ferrari always had extra pressure for being somewhat of a national teamPressure has become stifling in recent years without any victory. After two and a half years of fasting, Leclerc brought Cavallino back to his first Grand Prix of the year in Bahrain. And they are short-lived, like a dream broken too early for the fans.

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There is always a feeling of extra pressure – said the Finn – This cannot be easy for the management or the drivers. They have to keep working hard, pushing everyone together and making sure they don’t blame each other when things go wrong. It is important that you see the Ferrari chief’s comments, especially in public, as this increases the pressure on the team. s.I think this season has been tough because they started with a fast carwinning races and confidence, but Red Bull worked more efficiently, made few mistakes and improved the car“.