Formula 1, Red Bull’s dream but something is wrong: a big problem looms

At Red Bull Racing, everyone was over the moon to perform Verstappen at the wheel of the RB18. There is only one major concern for the future.

Only now the mathematical certainty is missing, Max and Red Bull Racing are very close to celebrating stratospheric success. The Dutchman is ready for a second title in a row, having beaten Lewis Hamilton at the end of the picture in 2021. Unlike last season, there was no story. Max has already won 11 victories, making fun of his opponents. Art Gus’s son even humiliated his mate in the same carHe finished top of the podium on only one occasion, mainly due to Ferrari’s flaws in Monaco.

Red Bull Racing F1 (Ansa Photo)

There has never been such a gap between the first and second in the history of Formula One, but woe to admit failure at Maranello. 2022 will be remembered as one of the most dominated years for a team and driver in F1 history. Leclerc’s initial exploit, on the F1-75 wheel, was left to imagine a cycle of victories, but in reality Rossa melted in the spring like snow in the sun. Leclerc has won 3 races so far, but with a different organization behind him, he could have collected twice as many, while Sainz won Silverstone, after a big mistake by the strategists, against Monegasque. Indeed, in managerial confusion about hierarchy, car development and Superfast engine reliability problems, Red Bull seemed unstoppable.

How many advantages does the Austrian national team have and how many opponents limits instead? The truth lies in the middle because Mercedes, on the upper floors, was not there in this antique. Unable to fight for a Grand Prix victory, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton were both plagued by painful rebounds in W13. Even the anti-anxiety steering didn’t change the value of a poorly born car. For once, the three-headed star’s technicians got it wrong dramatically. Ferrari started strong and from an excellent base, but was unable to capitalize on the exciting luck they had in the first stage of the championship. The team wasted a major advantage, technical and points, ending the year, threatened by Mercedes in the constructors. Leclerc and Sainz were brilliant in March, ending the year in low spirits, with great doubt in their heads: Who will stop Red Bull Racing in the future?

Red Bull, there’s a problem

A technical disaster would be needed to satisfy Verstappen’s thirst for success. Adrian Newey, along with a large group of engineers, developed and developed Dreams with a one-seat, ground-effect effect. In all respects, the British coach took off a gem. From bellies down, the RB18 is the best winged car in history. The numbers say that, an advantage in ranking over the competition, but there is nonetheless. The team got their engines frozen, after Honda’s mock farewell. An important political victory that had decisive repercussions in 2022. The team came close to the title last year, but is now certainly ready to oust Mercedes after eight straight years. It wasn’t easy for RB to find the competitive edge in the hybrid era of F1. Hakkinen and why Ferrari failed: angry fans.

The Milton Keynes-based team will return to celebrate the constructors’ championship, after winning all fours with Sebastian Vettel. The current feeling is that RB can open a cycle similar to the one that led the German to the top of the world for 4 seasons, with a proven team, ambitious project and the right men in the right place. All this prompted the team to be very attractive, even for major manufacturers such as Porsche. It seems that everything was done for the sake of the acquisition of the team by the house of Stuttgart, but The agreement failed because the regional office leaders wanted to continue to maintain a certain independence. With Porsche, that will no longer be possible. According to reports from The Race, Red Bull Racing is considering renewing the partnership with Honda after concluding the deal with Porsche.

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F1, great salute to Enzo Ferrari: All fans are excited. The team founded by businessman Dietrich Mateschitz had to run for cover, in view of the significant change that would occur, with the new rules on PU, in 2026. There are several years left, but it seems that the problem remains, after differences with Porsche . In order not to be caught unprepared, the team will apparently attribute the work of developing the electrical part of the hybrid engine to Japanese technicians, while Red Bull Powertrains will focus on the internal combustion engine. An initial agreement has already been drawn up, but the two councils still have to define many aspects of future cooperation. It will be proof that Honda has not completely abandoned the Austrian team after Max Verstappen’s victory in 2021.