From MotoGP to F1? This title is ready to become a legend again

F1 and the World Championship are the two highest categories of motorsport, and we could witness an intriguing event. here any one.

The show that F1 and the World Championships give us is the best engine enthusiasts can dream of. These are the two reference classes for motorsports, and naturally the drivers participating in these championships are the most famous in the world, even if all the other classes are still very respectable.

F1 is MotoGP

In the history of these two disciplines, there are also those who managed to become world champions in both, which shows an incredible ability to adapt to different types of vehicles. We are talking about the dawn of the upper series cars and also about two wheels, because the protagonist is John Surtees.

The Briton has won the MotoGP World Championship seven times, from 1958 to 1960 in the 350 class on the saddle of MV Agustathe same Italian home that made him the owner of the 500 (the first class at the time) in 1956 and from 1958 to 1960. So we are talking about a two-wheeled legend, which, however, was not satisfied with just scrambling to compete in this discipline .

Surtees Then he moved to the circus, became world champion in 1964 at the wheel Ferrari N., ie belonging to the North American team. It was a historic success for the Cavallino House, Ago The 158 F1 was the only car built in Maranello to win the title without the classic red, but with the white and blue color scheme.

After that, many other MotoGP riders tried to move up to the top racing seriesand the closest was surely Valentino Rossi. “Doctor”, between 2005 and 2009, conducted several tests on the plane FerrariAnd it seemed for a while that he could really land a circus, before an afterthought convinced him to stay on motos.

Formula 1, Jack Doohan applies for a seat in the circus

In the world of motorsports, many art children revolve who were inspired by their parents To pursue a career in cars or motorcycles. It is with Jack DoohanAustralian and born in 2003. As you can well imagine from his title, he is the son of Mick, the five-time world champion in the 500 class of the World Championships, who now dreams of seeing the heir make his Formula One debut.

king Mick Dohan He paid hard to keep his son off two wheels, preferring to have him focus on the cars, also for more safety reasons. The 19-year-old Gold Coast native was a member of the youth team ofAlpsas stated‘Will he be one of the candidates for the seat to be vacated Fernando Alonso for the next season.

Pierre Gasly is an absolute favorite for this placewhich must be leftAlphaTauri, the team that gave him his first success in F1, at Monza, two years ago. The French know that the doors Red Bull Closed, given the massive internal strength of the Milton Keynes team Max Verstappenbut also due to the presence of Sergio Perezwhich is the ideal second engine for Christian Horner so Helmut Marko.

CEOAlpsAnd the Laurent RossiHe has already made it clear that the Enstone team would like to focus on a young but already experienced driver, who can contribute to the team cause and who will join a very certain team. Stephen Ocon. So, at the moment, dohan He doesn’t seem like the perfect candidate, but he has all the credentials to land in the circus in the future.

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dohan He’s actually a Formula 3 vice-champion, thanks to an excellent year the protagonist has had with the team trident In 2021. This season, Son of Art made his Formula 2 debut withUNI-Virtuosi, and achieved three victories at Silverstone, Budapest and Spa-Francorchamps. The boy will lead the way.