From the blue five in the Top 100 to the young recruits: is it the rebirth of Italian women’s tennis? Analysis

After a short while stingy with contentment, The Italian sport of tennis is back on its feet by scoring important results in every category. From the blue five in the Top 100 to the many young players preparing to step into the key stages: when we are now at the end of the 2022 season, we take stock of the situation on our girls.

Female Italtennis, is it time for a new birth?

picture Roland Garros

To date, five Italian players are among the first in the world rankings, just like in men’s tennis. The blue “first lady” Martin TrevisanWhich is also in the 27th place thanks to the semi-finals reached by Roland Garros and the victory in the tournament held in Rabat. behind her there Camila Giorgi e Lucia Bronzettirespectively at positions 59 and 63.

For Georgie, 2022 has been disappointing so far: Aside from the Round of 16 in Paris and the semi-finals on grass in Eastbourne, Marche has struggled to find continuity, and thanks to the title not being confirmed in Canada, she has fallen where she doesn’t deserve to be, given her qualities. However, we are sure that he will be able to return to the top, as he always did.

The same goes for Jasmine Paolini, collapsed at 75 (-20) due to unconfirmed address in Portoroz. Finally, we find at 96 Elisabetta CocciaretoShe made it into the top 100 for the first time last week thanks to excellent performances, including those that saw her qualify for the US Open and take two ITF titles in Oeiras and Grado.

Sunday is bittersweet, but the future is blue

To confirm the secret moment Italian women’s tennis is going through, three Italians on Sunday were champions in the final chapter of the tournament. This is Lucrezia StefaniniJessica brow it’s samira from Stefano. Of these, only Lucrezia managed to achieve success, surpassing Spain’s Marina Bassol on the hard court W60 + H Caldas da Rainha, in Portugal. For Carmignano’s Class 98, it was her third ITF title in 2022, a year that also saw her compete in Grand Slam qualifiers and some WTA competitions. As of today it is number 149 in the world, and deserves the best rank.

On the other hand, Perry and Di Stefano surrendered respectively to Czech Brenda Frohvertova (exceptional player, sister to Linda Frohvertova) and to Chinese Zhuoxuan Bai. Not bad, because depending on the level offered, they will definitely have a chance to make up for it soon. It is worth noting that Di Stefano has turned 18 years old. In this regard, we offer you an extensive list of the best under-23 prospects of Italian feminism (the list indicating the top 1500 in the WTA rankings).

Blue color on the launch pad in the world rankings

297- Noria Brancaccioclass 2000

362- Matilda paulityborn 2003

369. Lisa pegatoborn 2003

502. Beloved cherubborn 2002

535. Melania timeoutClass 2022

587. Aurora Aurora Zantedeschiclass 2000

656- Federica Russianborn 2001

710. Ariana zucchiniborn 2003

823- Sofia dumpsborn 2002

851. Eleonora Alvesiborn 2003

882. Beatrice Richieborn 2003

949. Abdullah mirborn 2003

958. Kiara baby walkersborn 2002

968- Enola churchclass 2000

975. Julia Carbonaroclass 2000

1012. Federica Emergencyclass of 2005

1015. Alessandra MazolaBorn in 1999

1059. Barbara Desolisborn 2001

1085- Anastasia Abagnato, born 2003

1096. Anastasia cryclass 2000

1099. Lara Pfeifferborn 2004

1102. Valentina jaginiborn 2001

1119. Gala arangioclass of 2005

1127- Georgia pedestrianborn 2004

1180. Matilda Marianiborn 2002

1217. Jennifer Rogerieborn 2003

1253. Marion Quartersborn 2001

1291. Camila Gennaroborn 2004

1299. Beatrice Pondborn 2003

1299. Linda my selfiesborn 2002

1299. Ginevra Parentini Valleja Montbronnborn 2003

1306. Costanza Crossingclass 2000

1330. Virginia Ferraraborn 2004

1377. Alessandra Simonborn 2003

1418. Asia seraphimborn 2003

1449. Samira from Stefanoborn 2004

1469. Carolla horsesborn 2001

1469. Asia Colomboclass 2000

The hope is that these tiny little vows, along with our more experienced blue colleagues, will soon bring us back to the splendor it was some time ago.

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