German Brescia introduced himself to the city

Passion, a sense of belonging, pride: these are the key words of the important day experienced by the new German Brescia, which presented itself to the institutions and the city in the framework of the always splendid Salon Vanvitelliano in the Palazzo della Loggia. In preparation for competing in the Italian Premier League for the seventh year in a row and competing with the European Cup for the fourth time in its history, Germani was greeted by the Mayor of Brescia, Emilio del Bono, who spoke with Mauro Ferrari, managing representative of German Spa, and coach Alessandro Magro. All the players, managers, members of the coaching staff and the offices of Pallacanestro Brescia, who have been working for weeks to allow biancoblu fans to experience another exciting season, were present in the room.

“I am glad that you have once again chosen Loggia as a symbolic place to present the team – greetings from the mayor of Brescia, Emilio del Bono -. The connection between the team and the city is strong and this has allowed the birth of the PalaLeonessa A2A where we hosted the national team this summer and where we will soon host the Italian Super Cup. Having a team In the first division is very important for Brescia, because apart from sporting goals, for a city like ours that loves basketball, it is necessary to be able to enjoy the tournament at the highest level.”

“Last year, the team played a beautiful tournament of which we are all very proud: inside the team and the company there was beautiful chemistry, great energy, which was transmitted to the public and the city – concludes the mayor of Brescia -. I am convinced that the happiness of the city also passes through sport, which makes it possible Reaching important collective goals. That is why, in greeting the team and in giving them the greatest good luck, I believe that the work you do with the boys and girls is very important: the sport is also made of directing the boys into the sport. I am convinced that PalaLeonessa will be full this year, and that is why Also, I would like to convey on behalf of the city the pride in having such a strong team and the positive atmosphere around it.”

“First of all, I would like to thank Mayor Del Bono, because it is a real honor for us to be here – thought Mauro Ferrari, CEO of Germani Spa -. I also thank Graziella Bragaglio and Matteo Bonetti, because we do not forget that without them there would be no Club, team or indoor field. This will not be an easy year. Keeping the team in the first division will be our first and most important goal. We will humbly work with the group of players who were also here last season and with the new players, first selected men and then athletes. We will try to do something Good, knowing that we represent the colors of our city not only in Italy, but also in Europe. ”

“Today Pallacanestro Brescia is a fully organized company – Ferrari communicates – we have a group of 35 people who work every day for the first team and youth sector. We have put in place procedures to allow our athletes to run without problems, and we are surrounded by the affection and interest of our sponsors and subscribers, who today number over 1,500. I have a lot of faith in this core of people and in the work that they will be able to do during the season, even all over Europe: through these competitions, Balkanestro Brescia allows us to grow and turn into men, training everyone who is part of the team.”

“The closeness between the team and the city’s institutions is palpable and makes a huge difference – in the words of coach Alessandro Magro, coach of German Brescia -. If I had to describe in a few words the season ahead, I would say it is the season of confirmation: we are proud of what we did last year and we are glad to have confirmed Essence of the roster. Once again, we chose the people before the players and renewed great enthusiasm about the team, returning to fill the arena. If I think of the end of the year party that culminated the season, I realize that we sent a lot to the community around us. We must continue and must not distract human values: we can Together they do important things, starting with the quality of work and passing on the massive participation of the whole city of Brescia to the newcomers.”