German Brescia, preparing for the 2022 season: information about the Lovary Cup

The fifth round of the Germanic pre-season brings Brescia to Tuscany, specifically to Lucca, where the seventh edition of the Carlo Lovary Cup will be held. The cup is named after Carlo Lovary, Luca player who died after a long struggle with illness, and the cup will see the participation of four teams from the Serie A championship (Bertram Tortona, Virtus Segafredo Bologna and Omana Rier Venezia in addition to the quintet from the Italian League championship). Brescia) who are looking forward to the new season with great ambitions.

The quadruple square that will be played in the Tuscan city for Germani will be another opportunity to improve their physical condition and search for harmony among the players on the list, which will also be marked in Luca by a large number of absences. Christian Burns, David Moss, John Petrucelli and Kenneth Viglianisi will, in fact, not take part in the Lovari Trophy challenges, postponing their inclusion on the biancoblu roster to the following days, while Kenny Gabriel (already back for the Ferrari Cup) and CJ Massenburg, who have started training at full capacity With the team since last Monday, he will be part of the team that will be taking part in the event in Tuscany.

The Lovary Cup, which will take place at the PalaTagliate in Lucca, is a quadrangle in which the following teams will participate: Germani Brescia, Virtus Segafredo Bologna, Bertram Tortona and Umana Reyer Venezia.

Germani Brescia-Umana Reyer Venezia, the first semi-final of the Lovary Cup, will be played on Friday 16th September at 18.30.

The other semi-final will be between Virtus Segafredo Bologna and Bertram Tortona at 21.00.

These, on the other hand, are the times for the finals on Saturday 17th September: the 3/4 place final will take place at 18.30, while the final for the title prize will take place at 21.00.

These are the costs for tickets to the Lovari Trophy matches: €15.00 for one night (tickets entitle you to both matches), and €25.00 to attend all four cup matches. For those under 16 there is free entry.

The PalaTagliate ticket office will open at 16.30. You can book your ticket by sending an email to the following address: It will be possible to collect the booked ticket directly at the ticket office.

Germani Brescia is participating in the Lovari Cup for the first time in its history, increasing the level of competitors they faced during pre-season. After challenging with Bertram Tortona, winner 88-70 last Saturday in the sixth edition of the Roberto Ferrari Cup, Brescia is preparing to face the fifth pre-season match, which comes after the brawl that took place in Pesogni with Basket Ferrara’s clip. Kapfenberg Bulls, participating in the Trofeo degli Angeli, played and won with Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù and, in fact, the PalaLeonessa A2A Challenge with Derthona Basket.