Germani trains in front of Della Valle fans: “I would like to win with this German”

The German Balkanestro Brescia He opens his doors to his fans for the afternoon training session with the support of coach Alessandro Magro’s boys and, despite a difficult schedule for business reasons, to accompany Captain David Moss and his teammates. more than two hundredamong fans and spectators, present in the stands of PalaLeonessa.

Mixed training for Christian Burns and Tommaso La Quintana, who seem to be on their way back. John Petrucelli watching the session from the bench: a few more days off, maybe as early as Monday, the blue will be back in the group, even if it’s still hard to think of his presence in the first championship game, one scheduled for Sunday 2 October at the Mediolanum Forum in Asago against the Italian championsOlympia Milanwhich ranks the great former in dispute, Nazareth Metro Lounge.

In the final part of the training, here’s the family match. Fast pace, no one wants to lose, and above all, everyone wants to please the fans who flocked. Magro shuffles the cards: in the “white” quintet Cobain activates the Rifles della Valle and Viglianiese, while the painters are headed by the pair, Achille Coppins. In the other half, David Kornoh is in the control room, with Moss and Masenburg as the outside players, while in the zone there is a place for Gabriel and Udias. The Whites won thanks to Della Valle Coppins’ award-winning plays.

The doubling of the Marchesino of Alba and Texas Tower dips, in addition to ensuring the victory of the Whites, brings enthusiasm among the attendees. It ends with the whole team applauding the crowd Amedeo Della Valle e Mike Coppinsemphasizing that bond between the team and the public which, as in the last season, gave feelings that are unlikely to be erased. Autographs and selfies for everyone At the end of the session with the team available to the press.

Amedeo Della Valle has been charged for the next season: «Yes, I am very focused, I even know it It will be a very difficult yearAs it was the beginning of the past. The property stated thatThe goal is salvationAnd if the monarchy says so, I can only repeat it myself.”

Brescia’s return to the European Cup also coincides with the return of «case“It is a competition that I know, because I was lucky enough to finish the race in the top four with Reggio Emilia. I think the group makes the difference. With this formula it is clear that everyone wants to reach the qualifiers, it would be bad if we were not one of them.” We left with ADV named MVP of the season… “I think he was great and that doesn’t happen to everyone. I was very fortunate to have experienced such a season, both for myself and for Albreccia. But I would be very happy to leave an individual award for Win something with the teamMarchesino has already been tuned to the correct frequency.