Germani Varese: Serving appetizers from Series II A

It is now a tradition that German You meet Varese very early in the season. Without going far, it happened in 2020-2021, first in the Super Cup mini-group and then in the first tournament, at Enerxenia Arena (between September 13 and 27), and two defeats came.

Same place, a year later: September 26, 2021, The first day of the regular season Balkanastro saw Brescia again face the Opejobmets, and come out defeated 75-72. It was an adjustment phase, and this Sunday’s story made Nazareth Metro Long the protagonist in his Italian debut. The player to be made Rookie of the Year, before moving to Olympia Milan in the summer, told coach Alessandro Magro he has struggled a bit with the – hot – environment of the Varese gymnasium. The remainder of the season – for Brescia Wolong – is history.

This year, the crossover with red and white is coming soon again, and it has a prequel today, al Monument to Matteo Bertolazi of Parma. It is a friendly version presented for the second day of the Serie A championship, which will then take place on Saturday 8 September, at 20.30, in PalaLeonessa, in advance to allow Germany to organize their first sensitive away match in the Eurocup, at the Juventut Badalona Stadium (Tuesday 11 October). It was said of the courses and the resume with Varese, then there is a constant biancoblù this pre-season. This is it: Once again Magro will not be available to the whole team.

But let’s go in order. The duo’s ball in the Berolazzi semi-final today at 17.30 In the PalaCiti in the ducal city. The other quad race is Reggio Emilia-Trento, and it takes place at 20.30. The final match is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Sunday, at eight o’clock in the evening, five o’clock in the evening, with the two matches to determine the fourth place. In the land of Emilia, then, two teams line the starting line for the European Cup (Brescia and Trento) and the team that will face the Champions League, having touched the victory of the FIBA ​​Cup last spring (twice knockouts every last game against the Turks of Bahcesehir).

In short, a lot of quality, as happened to Luvary Cup from Luca Last Friday and last Saturday. Unfortunately, as we said, the entire menu will not be available from Magro. It’s a shame, because these are the last two pre-season games, before the league debut at the Assago Forum, against Olimpia Milano, on Sunday 2 October.

Christian Burns is on his way to recovering from the muscle issue that has kept him out of friendlies over the past few weeks. On the other hand, Tommaso La Quintana has been kept in precautionary rest at Luca, and the same should happen at Palacete as well. Finally, John Petrucelli should be available for his first appearance in the tournament. Compared to Lovari, however, Nicolas Ackley and David Moss are back on the field. In short, if there is a positive side, it is that none of the opponents, so far, has had a chance to see how Germani could play at the start of official competitions.

for what it’s worth, Brescia has not won a friendly match since the one played with Kanto. Then defeats against Tortona, Rier Venezia and Virtus Bologna. This latest tournament offers the possibility to review the rotation between the big wingers Gabriel (still a bit rusty) and Akele, to appreciate centers like Cobbins and Odiase that seem to already be there, and to discover any new combinations in the off-season, which is full of talent, with Della Valle, Massenburg and Cobain been Calling them in to make a difference.