GeVi Napoli Basket, welcome aboard the MSC Seaview

The first welcome aboard the Jiffy Napoli Basket took place this afternoon at the enchanting MSC Seaview.

Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, sports consultant Emanuela Ferrante, president of Givova, technical sponsor of Naples Basketball Giovanni Acanfora, director of the Laureus Foundation Daria Braga, and property of Naples Basket spoke with President Federico Grassi. CEO Alfredo Amoroso, co-owner Francesco Tavasi and Giphy Napoli coach Maurizio Buscaglia.

The official Jiffy Napoli Basketball jersey was presented during the conference. President Grassi donated the jersey, which bears the number 1, to Naples Mayor Gaetano Manfredi. Then coach Maurizio Buscaglia, the whole team, along with the technical and administrative staff, gave a welcome to the applause of those present.

Statement from Naples President Baskett Federico Grassi:
“Thinking of the first press conference in 2018, having arrived at this place, on the MSC Seaview, with so many people rushing in, is a very special emotion. We promised to do our best throughout the year, trying not to suffer like last year, But we are aware that it can be a very difficult season. I would like to thank the sponsors of this year who once again supported us. Their support is very important to us, and this project can be implemented thanks to our members but above all thanks to the sponsors. Thanks also to the authorities near us for understanding our problems.”

Statement from the Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi:
“I am happy to be here on this special day for us Neapolitans. Naples needs serious clubs like Napoli Basket, which can combine important pioneering facts that can highlight the name of the city of Naples. I hope this is a happy New Year for Naples Basket, and the municipal administration will strive To be close to this reality. There are many problems from a sporting point of view, but we are trying to solve everything. We will see you in the first game in the league, the basketball scene is amazing. Good luck to the coach and the team, our fun depends on them.”

Announcement by co-owner Naples Basket Francesco Tavasi:
“Today we are witnessing a beautiful event on a beautiful ship like MSC Seaview. I would like to thank Master for giving us the opportunity to start a new path after the years of the pandemic, and to overcome a very difficult moment. The fact that we have so many sponsors here on our side means that we have done so well both on the pitch. Or for the city of Naples. Basketball is a sport that attracts families, attracts young people, and we also plan to improve the structure in which we play, with the help of the municipal administration. I think we are doing something beautiful.”

A statement issued by the Sports Councilor of the City of Naples, Emanuela Ferrante:
“We had the pleasure of achieving salvation last year. We are trying to take care of our systems in the best possible way despite the many difficulties. Naples is a city that, for a lot of passion, will need twice as many sports facilities. We will start with the maintenance of the facilities we have, thanks to Napoli Basket for Excellent work done at PalaBarbuto.”

Statement from the General Manager of Naples Basket Alfredo Amoroso:
“It is really great to experience such an event on MSC Seaview. Thank you to all the attendees who accompany us on our journey. I would also like to remember on this occasion the ‘100 Club’ which houses the city’s companies. We are one step away from the goal of 100 sponsors, a great result attributed Credit to everyone who believed in this initiative. For goals other than redemption we also need this type of project. I strongly believe in the staff formed this year, and I am sure we will be able to throw away an important gratification.”

Statement of coach Giphy Napoli Pascaglia:
I thank everyone who participated in this wonderful event in this wonderful place. Tomorrow we will return to the gym to continue our preparations for the tournament. Obviously I would like to thank all the staff for the valuable work they do, which is essential. We will do our best for this beautiful city.”

Statement of MSC Cruises Sales Director Luca Valentini:
“Our company has always been close to sports disciplines, not only because they can be practiced on board our ships and not only because we are committed as sponsors to support various international, national and local realities. But also because sport promotes positive values ​​that teach the right way to face the obstacles life puts us before us. With Napoli Basket We share the drive towards goals and the spirit of sacrifice. The presence of institutions today underscores the interest in this sport and the potential for growth in the future.”

Statement from Jevova President Giovanni Acanfora:
“Givova does not forget her roots in Naples, so we very much wanted to invest in an organized company of three serious and respected entrepreneurs. Today a great message of redemption and sharing is being sent. Naples Basket has a great identity, we must believe in our resources. We are always ready to step in, especially when it comes to in solidarity.”

Statement by Laureus Foundation Director Dr. Daria Braga:
“With the Laureus Foundation we focus on the value of sport as an inclusion. I am happy to be here, Naples is a city with a big heart.”