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Insider testimonials on Formula 1 problems at the weekend.

Monza GP put in a good show, but the organization could also be improved depending on the hosts © F1inGenerale

One hundred years after its opening, the Monza racetrack has given us a weekend full of unique emotions. Despite this, there is still a lot to do in terms of the organization. From checkout lines to confiscated water bottles, there have been numerous reports from fans since Friday, but also the hosts had to talk about the event.. has collected some of their testimonials.

“I worked the three days of the weekend as a host and I can tell the organization was bad for us too”, Said one of the employees.

Few instructions

The hosts are set for the weekend and not many of them worked for the Grand Prix. The lack of clear instructions even for the staff was one of the main problems.

“The only missing and incomplete information about the event came to me from a poorly designed website intended for staff, without having received any briefing to guide us about the topography and organization of the event,” The hostess mentioned.

“They put us at our stations without telling us what situation we were actually checking out or the directions to be given in case someone asked us,” Another said.

“When I could not answer, I felt useless, but we were not prepared from any point of view.”

“The lack of signals and directions was certainly a huge problem, to which the token issue added: very long queues to pick up, pay and collect food.”

A little practice even on the grandstands of the racetrack and the nearest car parks. It is no coincidence that Director general From Monza Mobility Wanted to congratulate our employees on Article More comprehensive than the racetrack.

“For the fact that we didn’t know where the parking lots or other stops were, we didn’t get any information; who knew it was from personal knowledge. Plus there was a rotation. There are those who trusted themselves in an area of ​​the ring to help the fans and the next day they were taken away to another place.”

bottle tray

Some water bottles confiscated by safety officers in Monza © F1inGenerale steward Organization
Some water bottles confiscated by Monza safety officers © F1inGenerale

One of the hot topics this weekend was definitely the ban on water bottles. With a calm summer climate and long days on the racetrack, this created a lot of anxiety among fans.

The indications on the site of the event were not particularly clear e Looks like it’s possible to get the hard water bottles in, but over the weekend they were confiscated anyway. When asked for clarification, the answers were often not exhaustive, but given the testimonials of the agents, it appears they weren’t aware of the reason for this ban.

Every day we receive different calls, on Fridays we could not bring bottles and bottles with caps. On Saturdays yes bottles, but only 0.5 liters and on Sundays mayhem.”

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Tension between employees

In addition to deteriorating fan experience, Logistical gaps have also created a climate of tension among insiders.

“I would like to point out that since Saturday morning there have been rumors among us that several referees have decided not to come back again, already a day later, due to poor organization,” he said. I reported another host located in Monza.

“Since Saturday we’ve been in short supply and we’ve had to improvise enough.”

ups and downs

Some of the 350,000 who attended F1 at Monza © F1inGenerale steward Organization
Some of the 350,000 who attended F1 at Monza © F1inGenerale

This year more than 350,000 people walked through the racetrack gates to watch the Grand Prix. A record, challenging organizers who certainly did everything they could to allow the event to run smoothly.

There have been many improvements compared to previous years. First of all, better parking management and then a wide range of entertainment and shows as well as activities on the track. But with the strong growth of Formula 1, a quantum leap is necessary to ensure a better experience for fans who choose to buy tickets for the Italian Grand Prix.

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