Gravelines Championship | Dynamo defeats the owners of the land and flies to the final

Without five players and with Gravelines having all the best on the roster, Banco dominates the Area Championship semi-finals and teaches a serious lesson to the hosts 97-70. Bendzius is crazy, but it is the whole dynamo that gives the appearance of great mentality, toughness and compactness despite any contingency. Very good pisano. Tomorrow in the final 20 with Paris who defeated Orleans in the other semi-final.

Bucchi must let go of five players on the roster, not least Stefano Gentile on the score sheet but cautiously keep her at rest, while Jones and Robinson continue to watch day in and day out. It will take a little longer for Davici, who has been injured in training and Terrier has to recover from a broken elbow, which happened with his national team.

In the quintet, Dynamo starts with Dowe, Kruslin, Raspino, Bendzius and Onuaku, while Gravelines, without patriot Benke, Polish center Olejnziak and changing playmaker Gauzin, responds with “Italian” hub Robinson-Johnson (formerly Pesaro and Canto), talented Seely, choosing NBA Edwards and Captain Morency.

Sassari is the protagonist of an excellent start to the game, Gravelines misses something too much, Banco is very good without the ball to take advantage of every advantage position, the first break is signed by Kruslin’s triple that forces the hosts to time out (7) – 15 to 6′. Jajuan Johson is trying to lead the Gravelines comeback, Dinamo has three Sassars on the field with Pisano, Piredda and Chessa coming in, but he held on, an impressive basket from Bendzius (9 points with 4/7 from the field) seeing an excellent first quarter (16-22).

Banco shoots 63% of the field against 40% of the French

Bendzius is a machine, Pisano picks NBAs like Edwards and Dinamo despite absences always keeping the same mindset and spirit, smooth ball handling, high percentage shots are always created and Morency off the bench trying to rock his team, with 5 consecutive points forces Bucchi out 27-32. However, Banco does not slip, continues his balance and scheme without losing control at all, plays, trains intensively, tries different solutions and tries to share the ball as much as possible. Raspino is forced to make a fatal double mistake with the technician, DJ Seeley has great talent, but Dinamo is already defensive by heart, managing even the troops. Onuaku always creates something serious, quality minutes even from Chessa and Diop, Pisano runner lifts the full bench for Sardinians, Sassari touches a double-digit advantage at the end of time, 16 points from Bendzius with a 7/10 shot allows the Giants to go to the locker room at 45-34.

Dynamo who continues to shoot 64% of the field with 12/14 inside the area compared to 39% for the French.

In the third quarter with Bendzius seeming to see the basket like a bathtub, the 7-meter trilogy taking the dynamo to its max at 51-36, Robinson trying to play the charge with two gypsies to pick up speed, and Bucchi stopping everything once in a while. Sasari still wakes up from the timeout very calmly and with the right choices, Pisano keeps the pitch very well, everyone becomes the protagonist in the spin, Dow with the treble, Bendisios without the ball, Onoko with the dunk, Crosslin from the corner with the treble, it’s a show. Gravelines forced a stop at 45-64 for Banco, who never collapsed and runs again with Chessa, another pawn in constant growth. It’s a crazy dominance of Dinamo, Onoko showing off his talent, reversing the ball in the low corner, dunking the stolen ball with a counterattack, until Sassari reached 77-52, limited by three on the edge of the sirens (55-77 to 30 minutes). ). Bendzius at 27 points with 9/13 from the field, 14 points with 6 rebounds for Onako, 11 from Dawei. Dynamo up 68% of the field with 9/17 of 3 points.

In the last quarter, Bucchi can manage resources, fire young players, put minutes into the Gandini engine as well and try to get as many solutions as possible for the future. Everyone is fighting, throwing themselves on the ground, helping each other, unfortunately this is only preparatory season, the rating is not worth two points, but it is really a great spectacle.

Gravelines: Damase 7, Robinson 11, Tyberghein 2, Edwards 5, DJ Seeley 7, Domon 2, Fofana 10, Morency 12, Boumppoutou, Johnson 14, Ambrose.

Dynamo: Gentile ne, Dowe 11 (2/2 2p 1/4 3p), Kruslin 8 (1/2 2/3), Raspino 8 (1/1 1/4), Bendzius 27 (5/5 4/8) , Onuaku 14 (6/7 2p), Chessa 6 (2/4 3p), Gandini 6 (1/2 1/1 3p), Pisano 6 (3/5 in 29′), Piredda, Diop 11 (5/7 2 p. 8 lbs.).

35/57 from the field 61% 10/20 3p 50% 17/21 TL

32-22 25 assists (Kruslin 7, Dowe 5)

Player of the Year: It’s hard to find a player who was not on par at Dynamo, but Bendezius played an exceptional game, building the first half and creating a crucial gap in the third quarter. Monster Lithuanian game in excellent condition.