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From Gaia Piccardi, Sent to New York

The blue champion came out with the karaz after a battle that lasted 5 and a quarter hours: “I would have played for more hours.” Coach Volandri: “Huge margins”

Blessed Davis Cup, the panacea for all ills. Jannik Sinner arrives with a match point failing US Open quarter-final with Alcaraz in his bag, 5 hours and 15 minutes of furious hand-to-hand combat on a New York night, stopping a centimeter from the match finish line (2-2 direct comparisons, now) which is Already a classic that won’t make us regret the immortals. “It hurts, but I focus on the positive aspects murmured the Red Baron at 3 AM, after a bitter shower. Very high level, my ability to stay on the field for a long time: I was ready to play for hours and hours.” There was a recent period, in fact, a period of foot blisters and early retirement (Miami, Paris), when the fitness of the world’s 13th occupant was not so certain.. The first service was missing in New York (The match ball fizzled out at 5-4 in the fourth set coming from a very weak second, as the Spaniard rushed in quickly), and cruelty in the moment, Capau’s shot.

But the quality is there. And Filippo Volandri, the Italy captain who will welcome New York veterans, Sener and Berrettini from Monday in Bologna, is amazed at the growth margin of his record holder: “Burning, because with Tiafo in the semi-finals, it would have been an excellent opportunity. But I like to think that Mathieu, without expressing his best in tennis, has reached the quarter-finals and that, at the age of 21, there is no opponent that Yannick cannot face on an equal footing.” The first transmission improved, not enoughHe produces a lot of aces, a few double faults, that’s normal. They work on percentages: when the point is really important, you understand if the service is stable, but to achieve consistency takes time, often years.” Cahill brought serenity: «Not only for the sinners, but for the whole team. Vagnozzi is a good coach, with Cecchinato he did Great job but this is clearly a different path.Cahill, who knows how to take a player to first place, has given everyone peace of mind.Her strength is the determination to improve on strengths, without neglecting the aspects in which she must grow: Jannik is not just a hammerIt must evolve without allowing it to be distorted. With such a young boy the task is delicate.”

The quarters taboo has been dispelled at the US Open (Now the ensemble at Slams is complete), Berrettini and Sinner would use Davis to look forward: ‘The Bologna ensemble, arriving without rest, compels us to keep our focus: there is no time to complain. Setting new goals, after the right rest (the conditions in New York, between night and humidity, were not easy), is important.” The human capital is definitely there, we need to give Jank a space“Find the net, change the pace with the short ball or slide, the serve is an open business – explains Volandri, who is targeting the Davis finals in Malaga at the end of November -. Even Sinner’s head, whose nature and course already starts from a very high base, can make headway. Rushing is a bad lawyer. Carry on like this.”

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