“He should do it to improve,” then answer in Andreini’s program

Massimiliano Madaloni interviewed before Tuttosport be Giovanni AndreniSupervising different areas of performance.

About when he met Andrei:

“I met him in 2019. Marcelo Lippi had just quit as China coach and I, who was part of his team, were back in Italy when Donadoni called me: he accepted the Shenzen seat and asked if I wanted to stay again. A year in China to make it He understands what football was like there. And in Shenzen I met Giovanni, who was Donadoni’s athletic coach.”

About how long they’ve worked together:

“For eight months, but I still maintain an excellent relationship with Andrei. I arrived in Shenzen on my own: at first you have to know each other not only on a professional level, but also by temperament. And I found in Giovanni some exceptional qualities: he is an open person, Cheerful, always efficient. As Donadoni’s deputy, I worked closely with him: together we took care of part of the training methodologies and exercises.”

About Andreini’s business idea:

“It’s very simple: With the coach, set weekly and monthly tactical and physical goals, then plan action to try to reach them.”

Andreini in the time of Parma

On the privacy that made it so important:

“He has created a computer program with which he can improve the performance of each player by combining physical and technical parameters. It is a program on the basis of which
Keep working on it, trying to master and improve it. He also has a master’s degree at Bocconi and has given two lectures at Coverciano to explain it. Juventus loved him so much that the club decided to bring him to Turin.”

About how this program works:

“There are parameters regarding weight, height, physique, leg strength, musculature, running ability, aerobics, acceleration and deceleration that are monitored with each exercise. Each player has a customized program that the role affects as well: the first tests that determine the starting point and, based on the player’s characteristics, are performed, The performance is determined and by it the exercises are determined to get there In relation to the technical-tactical work of the coach: depending on the needs, the length of the exercises, execution times and recovery times are determined. And I must say that in Shenzen 90-95% of the players hit the goal Andreini was really good“.

“Sometimes someone doesn’t succeed and then they make up for themselves with one job a

On the unseen fruits of Andreini’s work at Juventus:

“Give it time. Knowing him, he would not have come to Turin to impose his methods: he is a smart person, and he will approach the staff humbly, trying to understand and cooperate. But his program works and is useful for assessing whether the player has trained well during the week. Then, of course, the coach It is he who decides who will play, as Lippi always told me.”

About what Libby said:

“That there are players who need to play even if they are not at the top from a physical point of view because they give something more mentally. He always wore someone like Zidane. The physical parameters are important, but the combination of components is also important.”

At Juventus at the moment:

“First he must find his identity, and then he will find his physical condition as well. It is an essential aspect given the intensity of modern football. The two sides must be looked at together.”

Giacomo Pio Impasta